Easy Way To Turn Your Old-Style Living Room into Modern-Style

When you are getting bored with your living room decoration, it means that it’s time to turn your old-style living room into the new look. Yet, sometimes we have to think twice to spend our money buying some expensive furniture while the old furniture is useful. Would you imagine when your besties stop by in your house for many times in a few years and they see a new fresh look in your house after few years.

6 Items You Can Add in Your New Look Living Room

Another easy way to have new look adds some new items in your living room. These items below could give a new look and benefit in your room. Make sure you add a right item size which is proper in your room.

1. Plants


source: www.wearefound.com

Many kinds of plants can grow indoor well. Those are cactus, philodendron heart leaf, some kinds of palm and many more. Plants give benefits such as can fresh the room air, and mood booster. You can grow the plants in pots or you are prefer an artificial plant, both of them are good. If you are busy and stay at home rarely, you should choose an artificial plant to decorate your room.

2. A classic chair

Source: wardloghome.com

Think twice to buy a new sofa when your old sofa is still in good condition. Try to add one or two classic chairs. It will give fresh look to your living room. You may not to buy a new chair. If you have one, you can recolor the chair and put it among other living room’s chair.

3. Wooden furniture

Source: ecoexperienciaselsalvador.com

The wooden item gives natural touch. It is one of the characteristic of mid-century decoration. Warm and Cozy, your guests can feel comfortable to have a conversation in a long time. Wooden furniture can create a solid impression of your house.

4. Retro Accessories

Source: pinterest.comYou think an accessories is not an important thing in your room? It makes your room look chic. A retro accessories is a right choice. You can throwback your sweet memories or you just want your room look cute. Some of retro accessories are antique stuffs. So, just feel like you are an antique stuff collector.

5. Geometric textile pattern

Source: design-milk.com

Another way is add geometric textile pattern. Some stuffs which are match using this pattern are pillow, carpet, curtain, pot and many more. Give a touch to your room with this pattern. Some of them are not expensive.

6. Sunburst Mirror

Source: ecoexperienciaselsalvador.com

Sunburst mirror reflects the light, the room and many things. The sience of Fengshui tells that the mirror can repulse the negative energy in your room. Another benefits is your room looks cute, just like you have your own sun.

Source: ecoexperienciaselsalvador.com

Finally, that’s all that I could share. You can take some of the items or you want to add all of them to redecorate your living room completely. First thing first you can feel comfortable in your home.

Anna Olson