Some Great Ideas of Making your Small Bathroom Beautiful

Not all people will give attention towards the bathroom design at their house. But, for those who have a good taste in creating room decoration perfectly, any references needs to be considered. Why? Because having small bathroom means minimizing the needs of wide area in your home.

10 Great Ideas You Should Know Before Making Your Small Bathroom

Unless imagining how creative people manage their own room as beautiful as possible, you can try to design your dream small bathroom by using the following ideas:

1. Keeping Warm with a Yellow Lamp


Small bathroom design doesn’t mean narrow and stuffy to use. It means placing the stuffs the way it should be. A wooden cabinet with wastafel and mirror on the wall can added at the corner of the room completed with yellow lamp to give warm effect. While you can place a curtain to separate the closet and the tub.

2. Placing Wooden Shelf


Tightening your bathroom stuffs can be tried by setting a wooden shelf at the wall. You can arrange the tools well above the closet. Whenever you need it, you can just reach it easily.

3. Fulfilling your Bathroom with Lamps


A big one lamp is enough to light you up at the bathroom, but you can add more to make the room brighter above the wastafel. Placing some instruments at the side of the wastafel, such as, towel and set of bath stuffs can be a good idea.

4. Placing Ornament at the Small Space


You can place your own art creation at your lovely room, one of them is bathroom. A good ornament doesn’t lose its beauty just because it is taken place at the toilet. It will instead beautify your room.

5. Trying a Simple Way of Memorizing


It may be uncommon of taking some private stuffs, such as photo at the bathroom. But, if you dare to be different, why not? Placing your family picture or your special one picture at the small table, will be a unique way of memorizing.

6. Playing with Pattern


What may you feel firstly look at the above design? It can’t enough with the cuteness of the polkadot that you can choose your own color. Pink, blue, or green you can change it every time if you want.

7. Combining Black and White Accent


Black and white accent you can apply too at your bathroom. Wooden floors and gold vintage mirror are good composition yet still elegant.

8. Figuring Out with the Pictures


Instead of taking place less important stuffs, you can just fulfilling the bathroom with paintings and pictures. It will be a nice try of building imagination at the bathroom.

9. Making the Luxurious Bathroom


Small bathroom also can be modified with hotel bathroom concept. Giving luxurious effect, you can try at home just by placing a big warm lamp. A small window is optionally added.

10. Working with Vintage Color


White, black, and red colors can be applied at your bathroom. In combination with vintage style represented by the wooden floors and old-fashioned lamps, you can perfectly manage your private bathroom.

Still can get enough wondering the design of your bathroom? Just try to apply one of them!

Julia Robbins