Tiny Bathroom Decor Ideas

People can go many times to the bathroom everyday. Bathroom is one of an important part in a house. A small space can be a bathroom, a small bathroom exactly. Then how about a comfortable dream bathroom in a tiny space? Some people just let the matter away when they have no choice staying in a small house or in an apartment. They just do the morning routine and don’t do anything for a long time in the bathroom. Adding a tub in your small bathroom is totally possible now.

9 Small Bathroom with Tub Design Ideas

If you have a plan to redecorate your small bathroom with tub, you should consider some important part. Those are the size of the tub, the lighting, the look, the comfortable and many more. So you can check the references below.

1. White Green Simplicity Bathroom

Source: tinyhousepins.com

One of the keys to decorate a small bathroom space is multi purposes stuffs and organizer. The glass separates the white toilet and the shower room. The tub is designed to use as a bathtub and shower stall. It saves the space

2. Modern White and Wooden Bathroom

Source: tinyhousepins.com

A touch of nature uses plants and wooden floor, it could make you feel more comfortable. Letting the sun shines the room gives a wider look of your small bathroom.

3. White Bold

Source: tinyhousepins.com

This bathroom represents nature elements. Add some flowers to decorate the bathroom is absolutely right. Flowers could refresh our mind. Permanent shelves using glass cover can save your small space.

4. Geometric Pattern Floor

Source: www.brit.co

Combining Geometric pattern on the floor and on the wall and wooden shelf make your bathroom looks wonderfuly modern style.

5. Sun Bright

Source: www.homebuilding.co.uk

the mirror on the cupboard doors can spread the sunlight well. It is an easy way for saving energy. White toilet and the washbowl in one line is a great idea.

6. Monochrome

Source: www.lushome.com

Choosing the right color of the room element is one of the coziness determinants. The modern look of this bathroom is from the combination of silver and white. Always remember that bright color and monochrome suppose to look wider than the real space.

7. Simplicity

Source: tinyhousepins.com

When you think that you want make a comfortable bathroom, the first thing in your mind is absolutely adding your favorite stuffs. Make sure that your floor is dry to put your books. Having a bath warm water

8. White Brick

Source: www.hadleycourt.com

Many people love modern decoration. Gold color makes a luxury small bathroom.

9. Glass Tub

Source: www.pinterest.com

Transparent glass tub is the greatest ideas to your bathroom. Imagine how your friends will be impressed to see your bathroom.

Anna Olson