Amazing Ideas to Make your Modern Kitchen Island

What does actually kitchen island mean? An island means freestanding piece of cabinetry placed in counter top space in which functional and necessary to use. There is no limitation in creating kitchen island design as long as there is enough space. Any models and elements you should know before making perfect your kitchen island.

Some Elegant Designs to Review for your Kitchen Island

Kitchen island itself defines your personality in building a diverse concept than other people. Wide and free are the characters of kitchen island, though not all of them spend wide area. Most of them take place at the center of the whole house. Behold the elegant designs to try, as follow:

1. Set Flawless Tone


Your kitchen island design may not pay attention toward the color composition, but it should be tried. As choosing the right color painting will seriously impact on the atmosphere. White color and big hanging lamps are perfect compilation to bring luxury.

2. Light up with Decorative Lamps


Your kitchen island will be more beautiful if you add with some artsy items, such as decorative lamps. You never feel bored of cooking while looking at a nice view everyday.

3. Make it Comfy Like a Bar


Imagine what you can do at the kitchen designed as like a mini bar? You may get more than just delicious meals but also inspiration to the next recipe. Simple but double function as you can also use it as a real mini bar.

4. Simplify the Design


No matter how much you take the area to create your kitchen island, if you do love simplicity, so just don’t insist to add many items. A long table combined with a minimalist chair is meant to be elegant.

5. Play with Blue and White

Source: mydomaine.comAgain, don’t forget to improve the exact colors in your kitchen. True colors will create the circumstance comfort as it directly impacts on your mood. Imagine what can you get when cooking with blue and white color around you?

6. Keep humble with Vintage Style


Vintage style never stops to make you feel so mature. Old-fashioned stuff can be beautiful to add in modern kitchen island. Just long wooden bench and table next to the modern cabinet results a contrast effect yet wonderful area.

7. Satisfy with the Light-up Around


After playing with mini bar set model, now you can adapt the hanging lamp from the bar. A big round lamp above your cabinet is a unique idea to result glamour atmosphere. You may feel comfort and precious when spending along day to cook there.

8. Set Area at the Corner


Kitchen island is identical with being dominant at the whole area. But it will be a nice idea to place it at the corner of your main room. So, you can easily reach it whenever you come in.

9. Make it Dark and Cold


Making dark and cold effect is just an alternative for those who have different taste. Some people who love black color can apply the above model of kitchen island to improve their imagination while cooking.

Those kitchen island models are only references but you can take one or more option. Make sure you choose the right one!

Julia Robbins