Creating Stunning Pergola Decorations with These Inspiring Ideas

Modern wedding concept turns into primary needs to middle into upper class people. Either indoor or outdoor, it usually applies detail stuff such as pergola. Pergola is a garden feature or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. It can be a must have item to complete your wedding decoration.

10 Amazing Pergola Designs for your Future Home Decoration

Not all home decoration needs pergola, but it will be beautiful to use it in your wedding day, though, pergola itself sometimes can also function as gazebo or sitting place in certain areas. The following ideas you can try before making your pergola design.

1. Manual Floral Set


If you like greenery theme, you can just set various floral manually. A bunch of bloom flowers you can get in the florist. Make sure you buy the original one, then you can set manually by using some tools, such as scissors, rope, glue, etc.

2. Unique DIY Decoration


Pergola decor can somehow be added with iron gate which is suitable with the tone of the garden. Some plants you can place around the pathway. Imagine walking together with your partner on the special moment.

3. Wooden Framework


Wooden framework with some swings you can also applied in your pergola design. Enjoy the moment of swinging while looking around the garden fulfilled with many kinds of flowers.

 4. Small Gazebo


Unless being less useful, you can manage your pergola into a gazebo. Giving a set of sofa with the table and some items, like pot, pillow, etc will perfectly cozy up your day.

5. Vintage Style of Pergola


Hippie style is closely related to nature and culture. It can be one of references to make your pergola design stunning. Managing wooden framework and then take place a bench with pillow and blanket can be a perfect view at your garden.

6. Bunch of White Flowers


If you don’t like many kinds of flower planted at your garden, try to choose the best one. Then you can fulfill the garden with the only one kind of flowers. Make sure the chosen flower is suitable with the pergola design in color and composition.

7. Ornamental Pergola


At some point, creating pergola in your garden is not always functioned for relaxing time. Sometimes, it is made for ornamentation only. These kind of pergola put at the center of a naked place completed with just floral designed.

8. Greenish Garden


Making a tiny canopy in your garden can be a nice try. You can arrange white iron framework then plant some flowers around. Choose a plenty of vines that can grow up upper the framework to chill you out whenever you sit down under it.

9. Greenish Pergola


Beside functioning as wedding decoration, pergola can be set beside the veranda. You can use white framework and then add some vines and white flowers that is perfectly matched with the pergola design.

10. Beauty Inside the Black


If you feel bored with the same pattern of pergola using white framework and colorful plants, you can sometimes change your taste. Black hedge in half square pergola design is an interesting one. Just add some stuffs like sofas, pillow, and decorative lamps. Feel the beauty inside the black.

Have you chosen the best one to create your new modern pergola? Feel free to ask if you wanna some advice.

Julia Robbins