Creating An Amazing Master Bedroom Uses A Touch Of Lighting

Bedroom, what is the first thing in your mind when you hear the word? It should be “sleeping”. The main purpose of the existing of bedroom is a perfect place to sleep.

So, every bedroom especially master bedroom has a bed. A lot of supporting points which can improve the quality of our sleep. Besides the kind of the bed we use, the set of lighting can the reason we can sleep well.

Whether, you dream of a dramatic bedroom you can decorate your room as good as you want. Yet decorating a room is not only about the furniture and the quality of the product that we use. We can start to set the lighting.

5 Tips to Set Best Lighting in the Master Bedroom

These points below are some points which need to be considered to set the lighting in your bedroom.

1. Pay Attention to The Scale


Proportion is a key to a serene bedroom retreat, and it’s important to choose lighting fixtures that comfortably fill the space. In a modestly scaled space, make sure to leave at least 7 feet between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor. Wire the chandelier to a dimmer switch so you can control the light level.

2. Use Multiple Sources


During daytime hours, natural sunlight can do much of the work for illumination. For other times, layers of light are necessary. Place a ceiling fan overhead to provide overall light, and use lamps throughout the room to offer task and accent lighting. If you’re unsure about mixing and matching fixtures, start with families of light products. They guide the design work for you and offer many sizing options.

3. Add Ambient Light


If you’re looking for a subtle lighting technique, supply ambient light in the bedroom with a style-setting chandelier. Long relegated to the dining room, these elegant beauties are the perfect crown for a royal bedroom, too.

4. Boost Drama


Looking for a dramatic alternative to bedside table lamps? Choose low sconces that will wash walls with light. If you opt for these wall fixtures, wire them to dual switches—one within reach of the bed and one by the door. That way, you can turn on the lights when you enter the room and turn them off after you get into bed.

5. Make a Bedside Display


In addition to its functional role of providing task lighting, the bedside lamp has a decorative role as the star of a bedside display. This balanced grouping creates a secondary focal point beside the bed, giving your eye a pleasing place to rest.

Anna Olson