How to bring Simplicity and Luxe to Small Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom is not a type of room that you always attend for along time, but it needs serious treatment as like as other rooms at your house. If you only have a small area to build your bathroom, don’t take any worries. As having luxurious bathroom does not take much money if you can manage it well. Using minimum budget is enough as long as you get the idea to create the room along with your taste of creativity.

10 References to Create Small Bathroom on a Budget

Some people tend to busy focusing on primary rooms, like kitchen, living room, and bedroom. If you don’t belong to them, try to focus on another room like bathroom. You get your cozy little bathroom on a budget by trying one of this following ideas:

1. Bath Tub and Toilet


Your bath tub and toilet can be simply take in one small area. Just give a suitable curtain to separate them so that if you mind, you can share with people when using it. Marble floor is enough with small lighting in your minimum size bathroom.

2. Basket and Picture Frame


Some towels are disturbing if they just hang on a small bathroom. In order to make it more neat and clean, a rattan basket can be added. Manage the towels by folding them into small pieces, then put them in. Some picture frames you can also set upon the wastafel or toilet. Make sure you place them proper with the bathroom theme.

3. Shelf and Stuffs


So many stuffs around the bathroom sometimes needs to be well-organized. Some people tend to bring unrelated stuffs to the bathroom, like book, small mirror, etc. Thus, you need a functional place to take them, so that whenever you bring them in, you are not bustle to handle.

4. Functional Stair


This artificial stair is not functioned as common stairs outside the bathroom. In this small room, you can use it to place some decorations, like terrarium, artificial flowers, and other garnish stuffs. This small touch will help to beautify your tiny room.

5. Glass Separation


Imagine what you feel when flushing your body in a small glass room? It will give you unique experience of taking a bath with shower inside, while you can see the view at the outside. A grey ceramics also completely effect on the calm nuance of your small bathroom.

6. Minimum Color


It is said that using light color makes you little room looks wider than it seems. But, if you only have minimum budget to buy tint, you can use only one or two colors to blush your plain wall. White and red colors are contrast but they can successfully create interest for any people come in.

7. Small Table


Unless using common wastafel model, you can take it upon the wooden table in your small room. Black marble make your small room into elegant and cool bathroom. White ceramics wall effects contrast yet beautiful to see properly with your family style.

8. Grey and White Composition


White and grey composition can create such a beautiful combination at your small bathroom. Black small mirror over the wastafel can also perfectly match with the tone of grey floor.

9. Small Cabinet


Small cabinet made from wooden can be taken at the corner of your tiny bathroom. Some important stuffs like towel, soap, toothbrush, etc you can take place in it.

10. A Set of Lamp Shade


If necessary you can set a lampshade on the ceiling in order to satisfy your artistic side. Make sure you use lamp shade that is proper with your electrical installation.

Having a minimum budget doesn’t limit your need of comfy bathroom with luxurious design. Just try one of the then be satisfied with your creative idea.

Julia Robbins