Some Essential Elements To Make A Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen

We can say that kitchen is the heart of a house. All family members often spend a lot of time in this part of a house. Many thing can do in the kitchen like having a conversation, cooking, trying a new recipe, enjoying a delicious meal and other. Then you might be bored with the decoration, and if you have a plan to give a touch of farmhouse style in your kitchen you may add some of the following elements. The main points of a farmhouse kitchen is warm, inviting, and cozy.

8 Elements to Make A stunning Farmhouse Kitchen

These are some elements which you can add to make your ordinary kitchen being a stunning farmhouse kitchen. The word of “stunning” means when every member of family will be interested spending a lot of time in your farmhouse kitchen.

1. Lighting


Lighting is one of essential elements to give atmosphere in your kitchen. If you want a touch of farmhouse style, you may add vintage industrial-inspired lighting. A rustic and weathered mason jar pendant light, chicken wire pendant light or a tin patina light cast great lighting over your work space.

2. Barn Door


Besides it is so functional, the barn door makes your magnificent kitchen has a character. You can add the barn door on your kitchen cabinets or wherever you want.

3. Installing Rustic Hardware


This one simple inexpensive change created a whole different feel in the kitchen. Changing the door knobs, handle of the kitchen door use oil rubbed bronze hardware or other rustic hardware.

4. Open Shelving


You can display antique dishes, some mason jars and other kitchen utensils on open wall shelving for a unique rustic farmhouse look.

5. Wood Flooring or Wood Countertop


Using real wood flooring or wood countertop helps give your kitchen warmth and a cozy outdoor feel.

6. Burlap and Gingham


The use of burlap curtains, dish towels, flour sacks, wicker bar stools will add natural texture to your kitchen. These materials could turn your room to be stunning.

7. Add Some Rustic Primitive Accessories


You may buy some rustic primitive accessories or make it a DIY project. If you think you can make some rustic accessories, it would be precious stuffs.

8. A touch of Nature


You can grow some plants in your kitchen. Displaying some fresh fruits and vegetables on the open shelving gives your kitchen a freshness feel.

Anna Olson