Get your Inspiration from These Modern Style Apartments

Some medium into high class people are not satisfied with hiring apartment for living a long time. Thus, buying of building their own apartments can be one and only choice to satisfied themselves. Modern style apartment nowadays keeps interesting since many people love to have it along with the models keep updating year by year. Don’t take any worries if you have ambitious willing to have modern style apartment by following these references.

10 Great Ideas to Maximize your Budget before Making a Modern Style Apartment

Attending a modern apartment will guarantee you a comfort zone to stay. Modern apartment does not mean a luxurious design of apartment with an expensive budget. You can keep your minimum budget also to express your creativity on interior design of your own apartment. Behold the ideas you can apply before modify your room.

1. Scandinavian Kitchen


Your small apartment always needs a tiny cooking area to gather with your family, making meals, or having a tea time. Scandinavian model of kitchen can be one of references you can choose. This design brings rustic theme with white and cream color composition around. All stuff is just taken placed in each cabinet.

2. Palm Tree in Living Room


Your small apartment also needs living room as like common house. To bring nature nuance, you can place a palm on a pot then place it at the corner of your living room. Cute design of sofa can also well-organized with the tone of the palm tree.

3. Working Area


Though apartment is identical with narrow space, it is unlimited for you to manage it as functional as possible. For example, you can create such a working area with a minimum space. Take place some some decorative stuffs such as a pot of plant, frame picture or painting.

4. Bohemian Style


Your small apartment can be also designed with bohemian style. Rattan chairs and feathers pillow can be mix and match perfectly to create an elegant small living room. Cactus on the pot is also good enough at the corner of the room beside a window.

5. Up Stair Design


In order to maximize you empty space, you can arrange your room by adding a wooden stair to reach the bedroom with glass separation. You can freely look at the down stair from the top. It will be the most beautiful yet simple design of apartment you have ever had.

6. Black and Gold Tone


Holding masculine nuance may be another optional idea. Wooden floor under a glorious grey sofas perfectly match with the wooden table at the kitchen island. All of them using darkness theme to fulfill your taste of mysterious accent.

7. Multi Function Room


One specific room may have multiple function. It can be useful as living room and dining room. A small fireplace at the corner of these room will be beneficial to warm up at winter. Imagine you can spend every single activity in this room with your family. It’s wonderful.

8. Classic Design


Get back to the former model if you belong to unique person. Antique stuffs like round decorative lamps, table made of wooden structure can be beautiful match in your tiny apartment.

9. Modest Style


Your minimum budget can also reflect on how you choose each stuff to take place in your living room. Going with vintage and classic design is not enough without giving small touch of modest style for sofas, table, even the wall design.

10. Empty Area


Sometimes putting so much furniture make your room stuffy and stifled, thus you can place enough stuffs at your living room to make your small room look wider than it seems.

Get a new inspiration through this explanation? Let’s begin to practice in your small apartment.

Julia Robbins