Best Creative Wedding Decoration Ideas you Should Know

Wedding ceremony will only happens once in the whole living, it is most people expectation. Thus, avoid to feel regret towards any concepts you apply in your wedding party. It is a must to manage the concept properly with your considerable price.

10 Stunning Ideas of DIY Wedding Decoration that You Should Know

You wish to have one time of wedding ceremony in the whole life with your partner. Thus, you will make sure that your preparation is good enough. The following wedding decorations can maximize you wedding decoration concept:

1. One Tone Pergola


You don’t always need to buy an expensive pergola designed by yourself. You can both rent it or just make by yourself. A wooden wicket is enough to manage peach flowers completed with elegant drapery and gown in similar color.

2. Various Roses


In combination with white drapery, various roses may work together creating a beautiful accent toward your pergola design. This will not take much money if you can’t buy the components separately.

3. Full Color Pergola


Still using the same model of pergola with wooden gate, vines and color full roses can brings happiness nuance inside your wedding ceremony. Use as many as leaves so that it will create greenery effect.

4. Decorative Plants


If it is necessary, a decorative plant in a gold pot can maximize your wedding decoration idea. Complete with candles and then set them on a wooden table placed beside the pergola. The invited people will come in to take a picture with these antique background.

5. Welcome Plank


Such a welcome plank is uncommon to use in almost wedding ceremony, but if you have different taste, you can make it by yourself. Write a little greeting yet meaningful to welcome your guests.

6. Shining Mirror


Such a greeting can also applied on a shining room decorated with some flowers. A gold ink you can use properly with the color of the mirror frame. This will help you much in satisfying your invited people.

7. Wooden Board


An outdoor wedding design is suitable with the welcome board made of wooden. This can be such a great idea without loosing much money, as the materials are easy to get. Either you can make it by yourself or ask for a craftsman to handle it.

8. Hanging Love Pieces


Another concept to welcome your guests is by using hanging love pieces made from paper. Both origami paper or cardboard can be a good material to make it. Just cut into love shape then hanging with a nylon.

9. Love Story Board


The function of wooden board is not only to create such s greeting but also to make a kind of short story. Either blackboard or whiteboard can be used to write down a little words represented the detail of your love history.

10. Quotes and Candy


Using such a sweet candy on a bottle is not a common way in wedding idea, but it will be a good opinion. These colorful candy can be such philosophy of your new life will be. The quotes written on a piece of origami paper also improve your unforgettable wedding.

Be sure before managing you wedding concept as perfect as possible. As a good preparation will create a good performance in your wedding idea decoration.

Julia Robbins