How To Create Such a Beautiful Dorm Room Decoration

Do you student who stays at dorm? Have you managed your dorm into such a beautiful room you will please to stay longer. This does not mean create such a new room, but you can just modify it properly with your authentic idea.

Modify your Dorm Room Decoration with These Amazing Ideas

Having dorm room whether sharing or not needs modification to make you comfy. You can well-organized the bed room and set some decorations at your dorm with partner. The following ideas you may adapt to manage your room better:

1. Desk under the Bed


Double bed up and down for two people is common way of dorm design. But have you ever seen desk under your single bed? You can imagine studying under a bed covering with fluffy lining under your feed. It’s magical!

2. Lamp and Words


LED lamp creates such a romantic nuance at your dorm. It will be more peaceful to patch certain words at the center of the lamp. When the main lamp is turned off, you can just enjoy the LED shade with words you love.

3. Bed and Table


Your simple bed can be managed in two layers, up and down. Similar color and model will make your room balance. White table working with white fluffy carpet is good enough to modify your dorm room.

4. Plants and Pattern


If you like being natural, you can plant plants on pots then take them at the corner of your dorm room. This brings wanderlust accent combining with pattern blanket and bed cover upon your single bed.

5. Table between Beds


Two beds can also place side by side with functional table to separate them. You and your friends will be getting closer in having conversation along night. As both of you can talk abouteverything before sleeping face to face.

6. Pictures Talk


You love plain model of decoration but it can embrace your day when attending your room. So, just take place some picture frames fulfilled with motivational quotes. This will help you to boost your mood everyday.

7. Desk Design


You don’t need to use much money to create such a cute desk beside your bed. You can just place a tiny table with short seat properly with the tone of your whole room. It would be good to start with black and white.

8. Pieces of Paper


If you don’t have much money to buy frames, you can just patch pieces of papers containing quotes you need to view every morning. These modest concept will not take much money, so that your limited money can buy some stuffs to fulfill your dorm room.

9. Pom pom Arts


You usually see pom-pom to make earrings, sandals, shoes, etc. But actually it has more beneficial to decorate your dorm room. In combination with LED lamp, pom-pom arts create such a wonderful nuance at your dorm room.

10. Origami and Kirigami


Origami and kirigami are long last decoration idea for any kinds of rooms. You can patch them at the wall neatly, so whenever you look at your wall, you will see artistic items coming from pieces of papers.

How many budget do you have to manage your dorm room? Just try the above advice to recreate your own dorm woom, ask your roommate to join.

Julia Robbins