Secret Advice of Beautiful and Accessible Bathroom Design

Today you are going to know about how to make bathroom more accessible and beautiful. A modification can turn your ordinary bathroom into a stylish one. Some parts of your small room needs more improvement yet it does not need much money if you are brilliant in managing your room.

10 Big Ideas in Improving your Bathroom to be Accessible and Beautiful

Minimize your budget is not enough to get an accessible bathroom. It needs also improvement so that you can chance the model every time you feel bored with the same flat bathroom. The following ideas you should try to make accessible bathroom with minimum budget you can try:

1. Marble and Ceramics


Bathroom can be such a cozy place to stay longer if you cleverly in improve it into simple and elegant with plain color. Grey marble for the wall is perfectly match with the black ceramics at the floor. It really embraces your intention whenever you attend it.

2. Young Tosca Color


Another option of combining black ceramics is using young tosca cement wall. It is constantly elegant composition between primary and secondary color. Your bathroom looks wider than it seems yet it is enough with little cabinet to save you stuffs.

3. Big Mirror and Flowers


Now we move to the other components usually found in your bathroom. It is okay to move your flower on a pot beside a wastafel. Big functional mirror can be also placed on the wall. Small wooden cabinet can be well-organized in each side.

4. Cream Nuance


Using one only kind of ceramics color can also minimize your budget in making accessible bathroom. No need full instruments to add in this modest minimalist room. Just a set of bath stuffs and shower.

5. Decorative Plants


A pot with decorative plant you can take place beside a wooden cabinet. This will be both functional and ornamental. Oxygen resulted from the plants is useful to freshen your tiny bathroom, while it also beautify the view inside.

6. Minimal Stuff


A bath tub at the corner of your bathroom with just a wooden seat to put some additional stuff will represent your modest style. Your accessible bathroom is just really simple yet beautiful comes from the tone of floor and wall.

7. Towel Rack


Unless using rattan basket to keep your clean towels, you can also manage them in a small rack. This small rack will be useful to take place some stuffs such as, soap, toothbrush, body wash, etc. While rattan basket can be placed for used-towel.

8. Various Mirrors


It may only needs one mirror to look, but you may take more than one mirrors at your accessible bathroom. This will naturally light up your tiny room at noon. Make sure you place suitable mirrors which don’t steal much space.

9. Double Wooden Table


In order to maximize small area to place many stuffs, you can make a double layer table from wooden. This can be useful to take place different stuffs at one place neatly. For example, your clean towel at the top and bathroom stuffs at the bottom.

10. Rattan Material


What can you make with rattan? it is not only basket to place towel, but also your floor mats in bathroom. Floor mats can functionally used both for covering your feet but also beautify your bathroom look.

So, the above ideas are only your optional choices. You may choose one of them to improve your idea in making accessible bathroom.

Julia Robbins