Several Unique Plant Terrarium Ideas to Cozy Up your Day

Plant terrarium belong to DIY project bringing green and natural theme. It usually uses cactus, pine, tiny palm, etc to modify at a small planter box. These plants cover two function both for decorating your garden or room, or as an unforgettable gift to your friend’s special day. To make this kind of magic does not need difficult stuffs. Let’s proof it.

Easy Way to Create Beautiful Plant Terrarium with Simple Stuffs I

It said that “don’t be hard to yourself”. And it is true that you are not allowed to force your mind for creating such a difficult plantations. Just keep in mind that making a unique plant terrarium is easy and cozy. Behold the following tips and trick you can try at home:

1. Can of Bread


At certain situation, your house will be full of many kinds of bread cans. Unless throwing away that zinc materials, try to recycle them. One of beneficial application of them is to make a plant terrarium. Just plant your stunted cactus in the cans, add moss, and tiny pebbles. Then, you have had a new idea of plant terrarium.

2. Pottery or Wooden Pot


Some plants terrarium can also take place at the wall. You just need various tiny plants to plant in pottery or wooden pot. Both of them can be made by yourself. You can also add some artistic carving on it. Then you place them on the hanging board at the wall.

3. Various Shape of Pot


If you feel bored with the same shape of pots, you can try with various form of pots to plants your small cactus and other plants. These kind of terrarium will be good to put next to the glass window, so that people outside can see them.

4. Spring Succulent Garden


This kind of terrarium looks like the miniature of your garden. You need a wooden board to fill with moss then plant several decorative plants in it. A big white candles can also you place at the center to maximize its beauty.

5. White Pattern Pot


Ordinary shape of pots can also be more wonderful to look if you can give small touch on them. White pattern of carving will improve your creativity upon plants terrarium. These stuffs can be flexibly placed at certain private room, like bedroom.

6. Pinkish Color


Green cactus with pinkish ceramics pot can create such a cute plant terrarium. These kind of pots you can get at the craftsman and you can freely paint them with pink tint even you can draw characters on it.

7. Pot with Drawing


Pot with drawing face drawing may be uncommon for you, but this is real and totally beautiful. You can’t get enough of the cuteness overload on it. Making this kind of pot is easy, just draw a character fase by using gold and black tint. Then you can enjoy the plant terrarium with glowing pots.

8. Small Rounded Glass


It is not a aquarium with small fish and artificial reefs, but a small terrarium. This can be the most unique plant terrarium you have ever seen. By using a rounded glass with small pebble and tiny plants, you can have a hanging plant terrarium to decorate your terrace.

9. Tiny LED Lamp


Your plant terrarium can also use framework medium made of wooden. You can place moss and small pebble around.  What’s make it more beautiful is that small LED lamp to lighten the space.

10. Dry Clams


Beside using candles, you can also arrange some dry clams around the plants. These will help to beautify your plant terrarium optimally and it can take place at indoor area also.

What’s in your mind? Still get lost of creating a beautiful plant terrarium? Just try them all.

Julia Robbins