Small Bathroom with Shower and Tub Designs that are Interesting for your Family Style

Many people tend to focus on the main bathroom decoration, like wastafel and toilet. Now, you have a chance to take a look more upon your tub and shower in your bathroom. These two instruments are primary needed in each bathroom, but they have less attention of decoration idea.

10 Great Bathroom Focusing on Tub and Shower Design

Tub and shower are expensive but most people will buy them to complete their bathroom. Unfortunately, not all people can design the composition of them in the bathroom. The following idea you can try at home in making beautiful design of bathroom:

1. Grey Marble Floor


Grey marble floor is enough to cover up your feet before getting in the tub. You can simply paint your wall with white color only to give peaceful effect on your small bathroom. Glass partition is a good idea to separate the tub and shower.

2. Separate Place


Your tub and shower are not always placed side by side. Both of them can also divided based on the function. Tub is completed with water tap, while shower needs just glass divider accross the tub.

3. Unity of Tub and Shower


Unless separating them, minimum can’t get enough of your need upon more room. If you have small bath room only, you can just manage the shower and tub all together. These will be such a different experience of taking a bath at the tub with shower.

4. Quotes Decoration


Though your small bathroom is not a comfort zone to stay, it is okay to take motivational quotes at the wall. It can be made of frame, piece of paper, even wooden. This will help you to find out idea whenever attending at the bathroom.

5. Tone of Color


It will be more safety of considering the color of your bathroom. You just add white and grey combination to embrace your look upon the whole area. It is good for saving money yet elegant to see.

6. Marble Wall


Bathroom wall does not any touch but you can also work with it. Cream marble covering the bathroom wall is a good manifestation in your small bathroom. It creates such a rustic nuance in your room.

7. Steps to the Tub


The tub is not taken place at the higher place, but due to the need of artistic interior design, you can make such a steps to get in to the tub. While, shower area you can manage beside of the tub. Looking so close but it is separated.

8. Pot Decoration


Placing some pots with flowers around your bath room is a general way of beautify your small bathroom. If necessary, you can replace it with big one vase made of glass that looks luxurious.

9. Glass and Carpet


Focus on the shape of the glass to separate the shower and tub. It has unique shape which is half round. This is uncommon design of divider at bathroom. While that monochrome floor is beautiful to work with the grey tone of the whole area.

10. Pictures and Flowers


You may take some paintings or pictures at the wall to embrace your eyes every time you attend the room. Glass pot and roses also beautiful to complete your minimum shape of tub and shower.

It is good to be true that you may not pay more attention on tub and shower in your bathroom. After seeing this references, you will be interested to modify your bath room.

Julia Robbins