Stylish Bathtub Shower Combo for Saving Bathroom Space

Many times we can go to the bathroom. We start from morning routine to go to sleep. lots of times we can go to the bathroom daily. Then how big is your bathroom? There is a name bathtub shower combo. For everyone who has not enough space to have a tub in their bathroom, it can be an alternative way. Then if you are in this term would you rather: Tub vs Shower vs Tub and Shower, Which one do you prefer? Today I would like to share some stylish decoration of bathroom with bathtub shower combo you might like.

10 Stylish Bathtub Shower Combo

Here are some bathtub designs could inspire everyone to remodel the bathroom.

1. Farmhouse Bathtub Shower Combo


Geometric tile back wall is matched with wooden floor. It’s very simply look and elegance. the glass separate the shower and sink. White color dominate the bathroom color.

2. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Bathtub Shower Combo


Sun shines brightly. the room are lighten very well. The decision to build the window on the two sides is perfect. It could save the energy.

3. Stunning Spa Shower


Stunning spa shower boasts white and gray marble tiles and ceiling fitted with a built in TV and a circular rain shower head and sprayer aimed over a sunken bathtub with steps leading out through double glass doors to white marble floors.

4. Chic Bathroom style


5. Warmth Master Bathroom


This master bathroom looks wide and have a big space. the warmth look is from wooden element, brown color dominate the room. Tiled wall shower bath and rain shower head above the tub saving the bathroom space.

6. Fresh Orange Bathroom


The combination of orange wall color and white bold remind me the freshness of drinking a glass of orange juice in the summer. How great the taste.

7. Sunken Tub


The trend of contemporary bathroom design is scaled down, minimalist, highlighting warm, and earthy tones. The window is right before the tub it’s great with outdoor view.

8. Twinline Shower Combo


I think it’s made to get a new standard of luxury. It’s a unique design yet it’s simply and elegance. the glass door have purposes. first think first it’s a great design.

9. Modern Bathroom


Using wooden element and vintage hardware are farmhouse style. The geometric floor match with the tile back wall. Modern Farmhouse Style looks very elegance even it’s just a small bathroom. The curtain separate the tub with toilet.

10. Outdoor View Bathroom


When we can grow with nature, we can break the limitation. Just like this bathtub, an eclectic bathroom with freestanding, rain shower, hardwood, standard height and outdoor view. refreshing your eyes, your mind, and your heart are a great package.

Anna Olson