Beautiful Rooms of The Modern Farmhouse To Wonder Properly

Living in a farmhouse style where is in the center of modern city is a joy for a certain people. Some people prefer giving a modern twist in their interior of the farmhouse, so the combination of the styles becomes magnificent. A modern farmhouse is always using green live plants and wooden elements. The decoration style comes more simple because of the modern style.

Today I would like to share some inspiring parts of rooms in the houses which could be a reference for everyone. The rooms are designed using a modern farmhouse style.

1. Great Living Room


Green live plants are hanging on the wall beautifully. Square wood table is decorated with the plants on the vintage scales.

2. Elegance Dining Room


The dishes are arranged well on the shelf being an ornament which the dining room more beautiful. The different size of empty bottles are on the center of wooden dining table. Six classic chairs in the dining room stay on the carpet which has fitted with the size of the dining room.

3. Modern and Stylish Kitchen


The kitchen is dominated with white color elements look very modern. A touch of wood on the floor  and the classic hardwares of the handle give a touch of farmhouse style. It’s a nice combination.

4. A Cozy Bedroom


Barn door, classic chairs, and wooden floor bring our mind to the farmhouse style. It’s a nice master bedroom suite which use modern farmhouse style.

5. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom


It’s an inspiring bathroom. The pattern tiles on the floor look interesting. The owner did not let the wall in an ordinary look. Arranging the frames on the wall gives a great view.

Anna Olson