Some Catchy Items You Should Have To Your Bohemian Home Style

Do you like to have your own personal interior decoration? The Bohemian design is known for its cultural and colorful touch. The important thing to note is bohemian reflects a free-spirited, relaxed and unusual design that you want to have for your carefree self.

Someone or something that has a bohemian style typically evokes a picture of travelers, hippies artists, gypsies and other “free spirit”. Individuality is expressed which means the style is as diverse as the individuals themselves. There are some items you should have, if you want to decorate your home in bohemian style.

1. Dream Catcher Decor Over bed or Headboard


The dream catchers could hang on the wall over the bed or on the window. You can add the stuff as your DIY Project. It’s simple to make. You only need a brunch, rope and some dream catchers.

2. Hanging Beads Arrangement


It’s looked very catchy stuff hang on the window. Add the look as your DIY project. You could custom your own look. Beads colors and shapes look very interesting.

3. Patterned Bed Cover


Patterned bed cover is one of the stuff you should have to decorate your bedroom just like on the picture above. It could improves the look of your bohemian style.

4. Moroccan Beautiful Lantern


These Moroccan hanging lantern could be bought on the store or online. Morrocan style home decorating creates exquisite look and comfortable feel.

5. Hanging Mystical Gemstones

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Mystical gemstones in this style are perfect for bohemian decor. You may add to your DIY projects too and create your own style.

6. Antique Patterned Rug


Patterned Rug is identical with bohemian style. It can fill and color of the room to get coziness. A characteristic of bohemian style is never let a space. So there are so many stuff and colorful or patterned items to fill the room. it supposes to get the coziness of the owner.

7. Chic Fabric Wall Decor


Another item which could add to fill your bedroom is a patterned fabric. Hang the fabric on the wall above your bed or wherever you want, even you could fit the fabric size with the wall space. So you will fill all of the wall space using a fabric.

8. Patterned Curtain


Patterned Curtain is recommended for giving a touch of bohemian style in your room.

9. Morrocan/Berber Pillows


These pillows are something you must have in your bohemian decoration. You may put the pillows wherever you want such as in the sofa in the living room, on the bed of your bedroom and in the kitchen.

10. Bohemian Electic Space Stairs Decor


You could create the look of the stair using patterned tiles or you can use a patterned fabric. The patterned fabric is easier to install than the tiles. You only need glue to stick the fabric and you need someone who has been expert to install the patterned tiles on your stair. Anyway, it’s recommended to makeover your stairs look.

Anna Olson