Convert your Old-Style Bathroom with this Small Master Bathroom Ideas

Do you have ever felt bored of using the same bathroom in your home? You want to add one more, but you don’t have budget yet it has been less useful. The solution is to modify your old-fashioned bathroom with the new design.

10 Great Ideas of Small Master Bathroom to Renew your Bathroom

Due to the need of modifying your bathroom, you can consult to the interior design expert. It will helpful to adjust your idea with the budget you have. Before coming to the expert, you can begin from searching idea first. Behold the following ideas you should try:

1. White Ceramics


White ceramics that are usually set for the floor, can be also elegant at the wall. This is proper with the black floor made of basic ceramics. Your bathroom will be look simple but unique as the effect of the tone of both colors.

2. Double Functions Stuff


Instead of placing a wastafel beside of the cabinet, you can order a double function stuff like the above picture. A little cupboard to save your bathroom stuffs like towel, soap, toothbrush, etc. While the top of the board functioned as a wastafel.

3. Flimsy Curtain


The tub and the toilet is not always separated with cement wall. You can also set curtain as the alternative to separate both of them. This will press your minimum budget and also give such a friendly accent in your master bathroom.

4. Half of Glass


Another way of separating the tub and toilet with limited budget is using half of ceramics and glass. The glass can function as window but it is not a real window. Who wants to look into person who is enjoying his bath tub time?

5. Simple Decoration


Creating such a enjoyable room means uniting both architecture and art. This rule also occur in bathroom. If you want to enjoy your bath tub time by seeing something beautiful, you can set a simple picture at the wall.

6. Tiny Cabinet


Do you have more than just one towel in your bathroom? It is okay, but you have to make sure that you save them well. A tiny cabinet can be such a good furniture to place beside the tub. Many stuffs can be placed on that cabinet with some layers.

7. Little Rack


Another saving place you can set in your small bathroom is rack. This can be simpler than cabinet as rack doesn’t need door to cover. So, the stuffs placed in it are more reachable and its price maybe cheaper than the cabinet.

8. Wooden Mirror


Due to the need of looking at yourself when at the bathroom, mirror is a must have item in common bathroom. There are many design of mirror you can buy, but make sure you choose the right one which is suitable with the room. For example, those bathroom design uses brown ceramics, thus you can set mirror with wooden frame.

9. Ceramics Wastafel


Wastafel is essential but sometimes it does not cover up the need of taking stuffs around it. Thus, if necessary, you can buy wastafel design with ceramics around which functions as table to put some stuffs.

10. Rattan Basket


Placing rattan basket at the bathroom is an ideal way to put your cloth after taking a bath. This also can be used to save some stuffs like towels, soap, toothbrush, etc.

Still being confused of managing your bathroom? Just try one of them then you will enjoy your new master bathroom.

Julia Robbins