How to Improve Beautiful Bedroom Design on Limited Budget

Bedroom belongs to private room that most people need for taking a rest. This room is more than just a place to sleep at night but also an area for doing everything privately. Thus, almost people tend to be more comfortable to dominate one bedroom for themselves. In case of sharing, it must be for the closest people like, parents, siblings, best friends, etc.

Some Modest and Stylish Bedroom Ideas on a Budget

If you have only minimum budget to decorate your bedroom, don’t take any worries. As organizing small bedroom doesn’t need much money as long as you recreate the stuff you have to fulfill your bedroom. The following ideas can be your references to modify:

1. Desk and Rack


Your small room makes you limit the stuffs to place in. But you still need more than just single bed and mats. Placing a little desk and small wooden rack at the corner of your room is okay. That desk and rack should be made of wooden to save your money.

2. Mandala Cloth


Bohemian style has been popular by this time that you can also adapt to modify your tiny bedroom. Mandala cloth is enough to beautify your room by patching it at the wall. It will give allure nuance at your small room.

3. Hanging Lamp and Plant


Having minimum budget does not limit your idea in creating such a comfy bedroom. The nuance of your bedroom can be so greenery if you place hanging lamp and pots of plants. The hanging lamp you can make by yourself by using wooden and the pots can be recycled of bottles.

4. Book Shelf


If you are truly reader who have many book collections, you need to set a book shelf at your bed room. This can be unique idea to manage it upon the bed. Just a minimalist wooden board at the wall, so you can arrange your books over it.

5. Cabinet for Stuffs


Do you have so many stuffs to save in your room? You can take a look the above picture. It does not need much place to manage small bed with little cabinet. You can make a tiny cabinet with layers so many stuffs can be placed in it.

6. Glass Window


If you like having a bright nuance of bedroom, using wasteful lamps is not the only choice. You can make a big window made of glass which functions both for ventilation and lighting. Your room will be naturally lighten of sun light.

7. Net with LED Lamp


Your hippie style of bedroom can be improved by using net with LED lamp. Using flimsy fabric is enough which can cover up the whole bed. This purposes for protecting you from mosquito and also for beautifying your bedroom.

8. Monochrome Style


Decorating your room with minimum stuffs is helpful but if you want something new, you can also press the budget by applying minimum color in your room. Grey and white tone working with marble floor is good to create such a modest style bedroom.

9. Painting on the Wall


Abstract paintings placed at the wall is another idea to set off  your bedroom. As pressing the budget doesn’t mean limited the artistic aspect you need to explore in your small room.

How much money approximately do you need to copy those ideas? You will not know you try it first.

Julia Robbins