Some Recommended Subway Tile to Make Your Kitchen Looks Great

Many homeowners have chosen subway tile for their kitchen because the smooth surface and thin grout lines make it easy to clean. They get the perfect solution for any kitchen mess.

Then, if you have a plan to makeover your kitchen with subway tile backsplash there are some kinds which you can use. Before you decide the certain kind of subway tile backsplash you should consider your kitchen condition. Your backsplash should complement the rest of your kitchen, so consider the style of your countertops, floor and appliances.

There are some recommended kinds of subway tile which could be installed to your kitchen and could make your kitchen more beautiful.

1. White Subway Tile


These white tiles made from porcelain or ceramic that has a shiny finish are a great way to achieve a vintage look. A classic white subway tile backsplash is capable of transforming the feel of the kitchen almost instantly. It could create the room always clean and classic.

2. Beveled Subway Tile


The beveled subway tile is sometimes referred as the “three-dimensional subway tile” because it gives an illusion of being 3-dimensional. This effect is enhanced by lighting and shadows that occur because of the angles created in opposing edges.

3. Glass Subway Tile

Source: Rebecca Mattewshon

The glass subway tile is well known its ability to add a splash of color to areas that need it badly. Glass is very durable and sturdy and it can handle high heat, so it’s safe to be used in the kitchen. It is also impervious to water, so it can be used behind the sink. Some glass subway tiles are solid colors, and can also be translucent with a white backing. The backing makes them shine, and have an almost gem-like luminosity.

4. Marble Subway Tile


Marble Subway Tile has its own markings, vein patterns, and variations in color and shade. It makes your home look elegant. Marble subway tiles are available in different finishes that easily blend with the home’s interior. For a shiny glow, polished ones should be used; but if you’d rather have a weathered look, then tumbled tiles would be better.

5. Gray Subway Tile


Installing this type of tile is usually a great move because it blends well with the dust and dirt.

6. Black Subway Tile


If you want to use black subway tiles, you should use white grout instead of the usual black to get beautiful look of your kitchen.  The black subway tiles can portray a very clean look that many homeowners definitely love.

7. Green Subway Tile


The green color is usually giving a sense of relaxation and natural in a room. It can be a choice to makeover your kitchen.

These are some ideas that may become your consideration to makeover your kitchen. Then, create your own great kitchen.

Anna Olson