Container Garden Flowers Designs you Should Improve in your Garden

What kind of plants do you plant in your garden? If you are a nature lover, you must spread many kinds of plants to fill your empty garden. This actually can fertilize the soil and also create beautiful scenery in your small grounds. Garden flower can be one of solutions of performing greenery accent in your garden.

Container Garden Flowers Designs you Should Adapt to Beautify your Small Garden

Container flowers garden actually the group of flowers you can plant in one place. This idea is full of advantage since it will create such a colorful tone, but the use of minimum pot will also press the budget you have. Behold the ideas of container flowers garden that you can adapt in your garden:

1. Two Kinds of Flowers


A big pottery can be planted for two kinds of flowers which have the same color, so that they can perfectly match together. The different type of flowers may complete to each other, for example flower with long leaf and small bloom flower.

2. Three Types of Flowers


A big pattern pottery can be enough to fulfill with three kinds of flowers. The more contrast the combination, the more you create such a beautiful composition. Make sure you organize the placement of the plants. The biggest one is perfectly put at the center surrounding with the small flowers.

3. Young and Old


Different color for different types of flowers can work together to create a unity of garden flowers. The color of flowers can be managed for example young purple and old purple to create such a beautiful accent.

4. One Pot for One Flower


Though, it can be beautiful composition of placing more than one kinds of flowers in one pot, some people are more satisfied with one type of flower. This idea makes the viewers tend to focus of enjoying the only one plant.

5. Lush and Fruitful


Cutting some leaf of plants may become routine activity, but sometimes you can keep it lush. Flowers with many leaf can be so cute. It will maximize the look of single pottery you have.

6. Black Pot


You tend to choose bright color of pottery to put some flowers in your garden. If you are dare to be different, taking a black pot can be alright as long as you can organize the right plants on it.

7. More than Three


As like its name, container flower garden means a group of flowers planted in one big pottery. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you want to plant more than one flowers. Even with different colors and types you can manage together. Each person has her own taste of art.

8. Unique Pot


Instead of using ordinary shape of pot, you can also buy a unique pot. A high pottery with line pattern somewhat creating such a rustic theme in your container flowers garden.

9. Contrast Color


Any contrast colors can also work together in one big pot. If you feel bored of having similar tone of flowers, you can try to mix and match any contrast colors as like green and purple, pink and red, etc.

10. Useful Tram


Pottery remains common idea to plants any flowers. Sometimes using another kind of container is a good idea, for example a recycled tram. It functions as pot but it gives ideal and different accent in your garden.

Getting inspired with those idea of container flower garden? Try one of them then.

Julia Robbins