How to Decorate Minimalist Farmhouse to Make a Rustic Accent

Farmhouse is not a quite simple place, but it can be a beautiful palace for your family. Bringing a rustic theme is not the only one solutions to modify your farmhouse. But, it nicely to try with some elements related to vintage style. Before starting, make sure you have enough budget to build your rustic farmhouse.

10 Easy Ways of Decorating your Farmhouse with Rustic Accent

Rustic accent can be made of each detail of stuff. If you want to totally make a rustic nuance, you have to choose each component carefully. Make sure, you choose any stuffs that match with rustic characters. Behold the following ideas of making a rustic accent in your farmhouse:

1. Small Lantern


White table made of wooden can be placed at the corner of your room. In order to perfect its look, you may place white lanterns upon it. More than one lanterns is okay as long as you choose different style and size to make a perfect composition.

2. Oil Lamp


A single oil lamp is useful to place upon the white table. It creates such a magnificent look in your farmhouse completed with white chairs and wooden floor.

3. Unique Taxidermy


Have you ever heard about taxidermy? This means animal preserved to make a home decoration. Usually it is placed in frame that you can hang it on the wall. This also works for creating such an elegant farmhouse.

4. Wooden Board


Small wooden board to write down certain words is a nice idea to fulfill your empty space. You can manage it in front of a wooden frame, then you write down something that you or your partner can smile whenever looking at it.

5. Decorative Plant


In creating rustic accent, it usually does not need fresh flowers to take. You can also buy dried flowers to beautify your rustic farmhouse. This dried flowers are more durable to keep.

6. Small Wooden Bottle


Those bottles are not created to pour water, but they have function to keep your kitchen stuffs neatly. In providing artistic part at the bottle, you can freely draw some illustrations or write a meaningful sentence.

7. Set of Decorative Plant


What makes this idea different is that wooden framework to place more than one pots. So, it creates such a constellation plants in one narrow space.

8. Rattan Chair


Rustic decor can be characterized from the components you choose. Wooden table and rattan chair results such a perfect combination. Choose the best rattan to make a chair to use for a long time.


9. Unique Sleep Lamp


You rarely choose certain model of sleep lamp which is suitable with your room design. But, if you want to highly explore rustic design, you have to choose the unique sleep lamp, as like made of glass or wooden to make sense.

10. Warm Book Shelf


If you have many books collection and you need place a book shelf, so make sure you choose the right one. Wooden book shelf with antique accent coming from warm lamps is a perfect view in your room.

This ideas are written down to give you more knowledge before modifying your farmhouse with rustic accent. Just begin later!

Julia Robbins