Dreamy Coastal Living Rooms Decoration

The best place to go to spend the summer holiday is beach. Unfortunately, summer comes annually. What do you think about summer would comes daily? Yes… bring the sense of summer holiday into your home. Almost everyone loves coastal style decorating, because it reminds one of the fun and relaxing times at the beach.

The coastal style decoration has some different types. Those are American coastal, Tropical island coastal, and Mediterranean coastal. Yet the type styles have similarities such as a love of ocean hues and sun-bleached white, an incorporation of natural materials and fabrics and a celebration of natural lights.

1. Modern Coastal Living Room

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Bringing an ocean feel use some stuffs which are in the sea. The paddles stick on the wall nicely. Such a great idea to use the paddles and plants which grow in the beach to decorate the living room.

2. Tropical Coastal Living Room

Source: coastal-style.blogspot.com

The main characteristic of tropical coastal home decor is using green color stuffs and green plants to decorate the room. This look is so catchy, using patterned tiles, rattan sofa, green plants bring nature look in the living room.

3. Beach House Coastal Living Room

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Using the white coral and blue coral paintings are enough to represent ocean feel in the beach house. Everyone will remember about happiness of their summer holiday.

4. Relaxed Coastal Living Room

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Let the sun lights the room beautifully. Bold pattern give a relaxed feel to this beach house.

5. Elegance In Navy

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Navy and white colors evoke calm and elegance room. Creating a relaxing living room is everyone mean. The modern look of the combination of all furniture is arranged very well.

6. Baby Blues Sofa

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The big stunning paint hang on the wall and fulfill the wall space. The baby blues sofa is decorated with gray and blush pink cushion. It’s charming living room. Lets decorate some other.

7. Green

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Tropical living room is a little bit different with America living room. There are tropical plants grow well in the corner of the room. Combining the classic wood sofa, wood table, brown carpet and green wall represent the tropical plants which grow well. It feels cool.

8. Spring Touch

Source: loombrand.com

The palette of this style is drawn from sand, shells and absolutely sea and sky feels like summer. Relaxing our mind when we think about flowers bloom everyday in the summer holiday.

9. Glam Living Room

Source: washingtonunitedformarriage.org

I have a word for this decoration, “awesome”. It’s a recommended coastal living room decoration for you.

10. Brown Coastal Living Room

Source: coastalbeachhomedecor.club

Brown sofa in a coastal living room style is a creative idea. An element of the beach is sand. Sand is commonly brown color. White and Patterned blue cushions give a touch of ocean in this look.

Anna Olson