Gorgeous Boy’s Superheroes Themed Bedroom Decor

Are you a parent who has a big fan of superhero figure kid? Are you the one who is a big fan of a superhero figure? There are so many character figures of superheroes around the world. Children could remember who their favorite figure is clearly.

For boys who have a wish that someday they could be like their adorable hero will duplicate the hero and always want the hero in their mind. Children have their own world and their world is started from their bedroom. Then let’s invite the figure in the bedroom.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Source: Veronica Vegas

Mutant Ninja Turtles is one of a superheroes film title. Green color in the room bring the coziness around the energetic atmosphere of superhero. Two different size kid beds use the same theme of cover bed. Perfecting the superheroes atmosphere use posters and wall stickers which stick on the wall beautifully.

2. Spiderman Wall Decor

Source: ebay.com

One of inspiring kids bedroom decoration is using a wall art. The giant wall sticker of Spiderman is installed beautifully on the blank wall space. It could change the atmosphere perfectly.

3. Captain America Bedroom

Source: m.id.aliexpress.com

Captain America is one of Marvell Superheroes. The Icon of the figure is the star in his plate which he bring wherever he go. To bring the Captain America in the kids bedroom, we can use the giant wallpaper which cover a fully side of the room wall.

4. Megatron Transformer Wall Art

Source: primedecals.com

Even if it is just a wall sticker, the giant picture of Megatron above the bed has represented the transformer theme in the bedroom. Combining the similar color items with the Megatron color is magnificent. It’s a simple touch to be a big effect.

5. Superman Saves The Day

Source: www.tollbrothers.com

How could your kid sleep well when he saw the superman flies right above his bed? It’s a great idea to bring the figure picture in the bedroom. Using the building wall stickers are on the wall. it’s look like the superman flies in the city.

6. Bat Cave Bedroom

Source : mrfoxmagazine.com

Bat lives in a cave. The stars of the show in the bedroom have to be the lego superheroes figure displayed around the room. The cute picture hangs on the wall beautifully.

7. Superheroes Come in Bedroom

Source: thedestinyformula.com

The word “I’m a superhero” is often heard by the parents when they have a kid who is a big fan of superhero figure. Frame the word as a picture is not a bad idea. The kid will be influenced by the picture to be the real superhero.

8. Cute Goku Wall Decor

Source : m.id.aliexpress.com

This animated superhero comes from Japan. Goku is cute when he was a kid. Adding the wallpaper on the one side of the wall room is good to make a superhero bedroom for kid.

9. Avengers Teenager Kids Bedroom

Source: ebay.com

It looks like a bedroom for adult. A teenager is going to be an adult person, so we can prepare the decoration of the room using stylish bedroom just like on the picture above. It’s simple but the wallpaper being a point of interest in this room. Avengers are Marvell superheroes film. Animation version on the wall could inspire to decor a teenager bedroom.

Anna Olson