Inspiring Ideas you Should Improve to Manage a House with Balcony

Some people are interested to build a house with balcony at the second or third floor. This is a good taste of people having enough budget. Though, not all luxurious houses must be completed with balcony, and it does not mean that balcony is not suitable to take in simple ones.

Inspiring House with Balcony Ideas you Should Copy

Have you ever thought that making a balcony needs references? Before asking interior design expert, keep your eyes on these following balcony design you can improve. It provides not only design, but also each component to maximize your house with balcony look.

1. Iron Fence


To keep it save, balcony is usually completed with iron fence around. This will minimize any accidents when you or your family are enjoying the view on the balcony.

2. Closed Design


Though balcony is usually completed with roof, it does not matter to make it close. A little square balcony can be closed with roof, so that it keeps save from rain and sun light.

3. Low Balcony


Balcony is at the top of your house which can be made lower than it seems. This design made by building lower wall in the first floor, so the balcony is lower too. Your house will look so tiny and cute.

4. Wooden Fence


Instead of using iron fence which is easy to get rusty, at some point you may replace with wooden fence. This wooden fence rail your tiny balcony into elegant space over the roof.

5. High Glass Window


If you want to make such a luxurious balcony, you may use high glass window. Narrow space of balcony can be well-organized with set of table and chair. Imagine what you can see outside through that glass window.

6. Greenery Accent


Putting some pots with plants is a good idea to create scandinavian look in your minimalist balcony. Don’t forget to take care the plants, because the falling leaf will mess your space.

7. High Door


If you love to see nature outside through the close-design balcony, so you can make a high door completed with elegant curtain. This idea will work better if your house is near to a certain beautiful scenery.

8. Tiny Space


If you love to have a room on a balcony with a terrace, making small terrace in front of your bedroom is a great idea. You can place a chair on the terrace, make an iron fence, and your balcony looks interesting.

9. Small Carpet


Placing a pedestal in your small balcony can be a nice idea. This carpet functions not only to make it well-mannered but also to keep your feet clean.

10. Next to a Tree


Possibly you haven’t planned of planting a tree beside your balcony. Sometimes, you just plant certain tree which grows higher and higher and it reaches your balcony. This unconditional thing will make your balcony unique. Place some table and chairs to create rustic accent.

What do you think about those balcony ideas/ If you agree with one of them, then try to improve yours.

Julia Robbins