Rustic Bathroom Ideas you Should Improve in your Home Sweet Home

Do you like classic design to improve in your small house? Are interested in creating this concept over the bathroom? Rustic itself means interior design adapted from historical period room installations. Thus, whenever you come into you bathroom, you will feel like attending historical places you haven’t known yet.

Elegant Rustic Decorations to Maximize your Ordinary Bathroom

If you only have minimum budget but you want to make rustic detail in your bathroom, don’t get any worries. As rustic decor can be made of recycled materials you can get around. The following rustic decoration idea you may apply, some of them you can get in affordable prices:

1. Wooden Board


Black wooden board at your small rack is not a kind of important tool, but this can beautifully create a rustic accent. You can write down any words such as quote, small notification, even your name on it.

2. Tiny Cabinet


Rustic accent is commonly related to antique materials, such as tiny cabinet made of wooden. This small cabinet is used to keep several stuffs you may need to keep, as like towel, soap, etc.

3. Zinc Bucket


Perfecting your rustic bathroom look, you can manage such a zinc bucket with flowers at your small rack. This will beautify your minimalist room with minimum budget as this zinc bucket can be made yourself from bucket recycled.

4. Antique Wall Clock


You belong to unique person if you have in mind of taking a clock at the bathroom. Common people won’t do this, as it seems there is no exact function of taking such a wall clock. But this will be a unique idea of placing a clock within wooden frame above your tub.

5. Little Chandlelier


In maximizing the performance of rustic bathroom, a little chandelier can also be placed beside of the wastafel. This chandelier functions both to lighten up the room and to beautify its look.

6. Wooden Hanger


Some stuffs need to be hanged at the bathroom, thus you can maximize it by making by yourself such a wooden hanger to nailed at the wall. Clothes and towels can be hanged on neatly.

7. Mysterious Curtain


Black color is also one of rustic characters. It is amazing of placing black curtain to separate the toilet and wastafel. It gives your bathroom mysterious nuance.

8. Tiny Rack


A tiny rack made of iron can also be managed in your bathroom. Placing it over the table is a good idea. Your small bathroom looks elegant and chic.

9. Big Wooden Rack


If you have more stuffs to save, then a big wooden rack may be another way that you can try. This wooden rack can be patched on the wall, thus it will minimize of wasting space.

10. Handmade Flowers


Another alternative of making such a rustic theme in your bathroom is by giving a handmade flowers beside the wastafel. It will beautify your bathroom and create such a classic nuance.

After looking at the above references, you may wonder how much budget to spend? Just try it first by recycling any remain materials you have.

Julia Robbins