Stunning Boho-style Rooms for Your Dreamy Home

Bohemian style reflects a free spirited, relaxed and unusual design. This style often displays lots of stuffs in a room, yet the decoration makes a sense of coziness. Arranged from patterned fabrics and unique stuffs show the owner personality and creativity.

Everyone has their own dreamy home. Perhaps, bohemian style is your dreamy home decoration . Today I would like to share some stunning bohemian rooms style that could inspire to plan your dreamy bohemians home.

1. Living Room


The room is full of stuffs. There are so many pillows covered patterned fabric in this room. It’s colorful and catchy decoration. There is no chair or sofa but the pile pillow up is the creative idea to be a place to seat. Enjoy your seat.

2. Beautiful Dining Room


Ocean bohemian dining room is decorated with the ocean picture hang on the wall nicely. Gray wall color and the mirror make the room brighter. Patterned rug covers the floor of the dining room built a sense of the coziness of bohemian style.

3. Dining Room Table


Put the pillows on each chair. It’s a great idea to get the best feel of coziness.  Patterned Fabric curtain shows the beauty of the pattern and bring the warmth feel in the dining room.

4. Bedroom


Bedroom is a place to sleep, to get a rest from the activities all day. The comfortable is an important point to consider. This bohemian bedroom is absolutely cozy place. it’s a right place to sleep well. There are some plants arranged in the window. The fresh water could reduce the tired body.

5. Kids Bedroom


This is a children bedroom. stylish bohemian bedroom decor for little boys. This lovely bohemian bedroom designed specifically for 8 to 10 yaer-old boys. The colorful room show the personality of the owner. An energetic kid will like this colorful bedroom.

6. Kitchen


The back wall is using patterned tiles. this fabulous kitchen was built in a creative idea. the wall could improve the coziness the room. Anyone would see the beautiful wall and want to stay long time here.

7. Bathroom


It’s a great bathroom. It must be a dry bathroom. because the rug is set on the floor nicely. it is right before the bathtub. The beautiful pattern of the curtain at the wall make a sense of the bohemian style of the room clearly.

8. Library: Reading Room


We have to read books in a cozy place. A place we can enjoy the meaning of the books. The gray classic chair is decorated using the Moroccan pattern pillow. It’s an inspiring decoration to build a nice library.

9. Workspace


The sunlight could reach the workspace well. It’s an important point to decorate a workspace. So, the one who is working can focus to do the job.

Those are some inspiring bohemian style home decor which could be a reference to built your dream home.

Anna Olson