Elegantly Modify your Rustic Bathroom Theme with These Great Ideas

Rustic theme never stops inspired people nowadays to improve in each part of your house. One of them is bathroom. As a single important room that usually takes minimum space, bathroom needs more improvement to comply with the whole house design.

Bathroom Design with Rustic Theme that You Can Explore at Home

Creating rustic theme is not that difficult to do, but not easy as it seems. The first thing you should do is broaden your knowledge about rustic interior design idea. The following ideas you can try at home. The ideas bring the whole components you should prepare to make rustic theme of bathroom.

1. Gold and Black Accent

Source: notey.com

Playing with color is never enough to create certain look in your house interior. For instance, for making a rustic accent in your bathroom, you can explore black and gold color. As these two colors are one of rustic characters.

2. Wooden Wall

Source: suburbanmen.com

As it is inspired from historical story, rustic theme will always perfectly match with wooden material in every single part of the bathroom. Wooden wall, for instance. This will create such a humble and artistic feature in your small bathroom.

3. Wooden Frame

Source: ccolok8.tumblr.com

A set of wastafel contains of hanging mirror. In making such a rustic style, it is suggested to choose any items supported to, for instance wooden frame of mirror. This mirror can be made on yourself with more than one frame.

4. Porcelain Table

Source: rusticdecorhq.com

In order to place a porcelain wastafel, you can complete it with porcelain table. Black color is a good choice to maximize the rustic tone which is perfectly match with the floor and wall color.


5. Wooden Cabinet

Source: indulgy.com

Though it is rarely found a cabinet at bathroom, if you feel you need it, just be confidence to take it. This wooden cabinet can function as table too. Your bathroom stuffs will keep safety if you lock the cabinet.

6. Table Lamp

Source: homedesignlover.com

Placing table lamp at the bathroom may be a crazy thing to do. Most people may not think about it, but if you want to create maximum rustic accent, this idea will help you much. Table lamp gives a warm look in your bathroom perfectly.

7. Pebble Tile

Source: homedecort.com

It is a common way of choosing ordinary tiles in bathroom as considering tile pattern seems less important. However, in rustic theme, it has a characteristic of applying classic interior design installation, thus choosing pebble tile may be a brilliant idea to support it.

8. Wooden Framework

Source: google.com

Wooden material can be used in almost parts of your bathroom, includes building framework. The poles and any other foundations can be made of wooden but you have to make sure its quality.

9. Cement Wall

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Cement wall without ceramics touching looks so poor as it seems you don’t have budget to repair more. But, it unconditionally create a vintage style in your bathroom. As noted that you complete it with ordinary floor without ceramics too.

These rustic themes are wonderful, right? Why do you wait any longer to modify yours or make one more bathroom with rustic theme?

Julia Robbins