Modern Luxurious Flat Roof House Designs you Should Know

Since the earlier twentieth century, flat roof has been used more and more for buildings and domestic houses. Instead of using pitched roof, people nowadays prefer apply flat roof in their house. As flat roof supports aesthetic part to be placed in any kinds of houses.

10 Modern Designs of Flat Roof You Should Improve

There are some benefits of using flat roof model, one of them is to keep a consistent eye line. This roof model also views modern look in your minimalist house. If you have intention of using flat roof model in your house, pay attention towards the following roof ideas:

1. Multiple Layers


One of advantages using flat roof is that, you can improve it by yourself according to the budget you have and also your interior design taste. One of improvements you can try is by making multiple layers on your house. This will create such an interesting look.

2. Wooden Roof


Keep the rustic accent in your house by making such an elegant look from wooden roof. This roof model also press the budget you have, but still creating such a satisfying result.

3. Silver Color


Your minimalist house will look so luxurious with silver color roof. This will directly expand your minimalist room, yet creates perfect combination with wooden floor.

4. Narrow Space


Roof design usually made of thick material to keep it strong and long lasting. But, it does not matter to use thin material to create such a sexy look.

5. Double Color


If you have only minimum budget but you keep you idealism to create unique roof, you can explore more than one color in one layer roof. For instance, white and blue color to create such an elegant composition in your house.

6. Small Roof


Though flat roof model can be applied for the whole house, you can also improve it in tiny size only over your terrace. This also give such a cute look in your minimalist house.

7. Two Roof Models


This references focus on flat roof model, but it is okay to use it together with pitched roof. This idea will work well if you can arrange them properly. For instance, pitched roof at the back of your house, completed with flat roof in the front.

8. Low Space


Another alternative to create multiple layers of roof can be made by using small empty space between them. This small separation makes your house look higher than it seems.

9. Empty Space


One of roof models is keeping the center space empty. Either to comply aesthetic needs or to enjoy the night sky, this model of roof can be unique, if you plant a big tree and let it grow through.

10. Single Flat Roof


A single flat roof without made of wooden is enough to create such a vintage style in your house. Using single roof can press the budget, also stand out simple yet elegant house accent.

Are you getting inspired after reading the passage? It will be better if you begin to explore soon rather than keepin in mind your idea.

Julia Robbins