Being Smaller Is The Best Choice Of Tub For Beautiful Bathroom Decoration

Owning a personal bathtub in a bathroom is a wish of many people. We can get spa sensations whenever we want. Yet, people will think twice to have it when they realize the space of their bathroom which has been built in a small space. In the other side many people could find and solve the matter.

They insist owning a personal bathtub. A small bathtub was put in a small bathroom magically. Sometimes we could break the limitation. The following decorations in the pictures were created by great people. Some amazing kinds of bathtub could improve the bathroom look being a beautiful bathroom.

1. White Tub With Modern Faucet


The silver modern faucet is very simple and elegance. The white tub was designed in deep size and has little smaller diameter than ordinary bathtub which oval shape. The tub’s shape is cylinder, but it’s a catchy bathroom.

2. Basin Soaking Tub

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it looks like a basin or a bowl from the distance. This soaking Japanese tub shapes white oval tub. It’ll fit for everyone because it’s designed in a deep size.

3. Wooden Soaking Tub


The square wooden tub brings a sense of nature in the bathroom. Although it’s installed as indoor bathroom, it’s combined with outdoor view. The bamboo faucet is rare to use, so it’s a unique and a creative faucet. The wide window is right before the tub.

4. Corner Bathtub


The bathroom packed with smart space-saving ideas to make every inch useful. Uniquely fabulous blue glass tile clad the back wall with niches decked in 1 inch mosaics.

5. Stainless Steel Soaking Round Tub


The tub is made from stainless steel. The look is great. Silver tub color of the steel reflects the bathroom just like a mirror. It’s designed deep in order to be fitted with the owner to soak. The diameter of the tub is 1500 cm.

6. Mini Fiberglass Bathtub


The dimensions are little over 3′ Diameter x 3.75′ D x 2.5’Tall. it’s essential to suppose over what home equipment to decide on and set up storage in a wise method.

7. Japanese Wooden Bathtub

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The Japanese soaking tub is made from hinoki, an aromatic and virtually mold and leak-proof wood. “It feels like you are in a giant humidor”, the owner says. This is a great look of a bathroom. It reminds me of the sauna room. Then it feels like a sauna in a small bathroom.

8. Outdoor View Small Bathtub


The rain shower is designed for natural look. When we are soaking in the tub we may switch the rain shower on and let the water showering our body just like the real rain. The bathroom is designed outdoor view and without limitation of the wall.

9. Corner Deep Tub


Small bathroom idea with corner deep tub is beautiful. Gold-tone faucets gives a luxurious touch to the small bathroom. Stand-basin for bathroom with double faucets are matched with a small decorative mirror. it’s a creative way to your small bathroom look beautiful.

Those are some inspiring small bathtub. Although the tubs is small, but they are so functional. Thank you for having a look my writing.

Anna Olson