DIY Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Lots of people adore the farmhouse style, including every single furniture and decoration. Farmhouse style pictures classic yet the rustic style and it makes people miss their home country. Some of them want to bring back their warm and familiar home country nuance into their new home in town. If you are one of them, you can start decorating your bedroom with this farmhouse style. We choose bedroom as the first thing to transform is in case of this is kind of significant part of a home, especially the master bedroom.

10 DIY Farmhouse Bedroom Idea

Creating DIY farmhouse bed will completely be less expensive and fun. Here are some ideas so you can calculate the cost to spend on it:

1. Transform the Trays to be Decor Item


Transforming items mean you need to change the purpose of certain items that you already own. For farmhouse bedroom, you can look for your vintage door and repaint them. Furthermore, hide it in a drawer or hung above your bedroom.

2. Feel New Atmosphere on Old Frames


Old frame is easily forgotten as a part of the little transformation. Everyone hardly believes that old frame simply can drag the rustic thing. All you need is just spraying them with gold paint (or other hues), and you can insert your new picture into it.

3. DIY Wall Decor


This time, use the wooden palette to be the main object. Spray wisdom or meaningful words on it and feel the familiar ambiance. Types of paint are all yours, whether it is glossy, matte, etc.

4. Mirror


Mirror keeps being timeless. To give rustic style, take a wooden mirror and spray in certain rustic colors or keep the wood stain. It will be lovely to hang in your bedroom.

5. Re-Purpose the Curtain Rods


This curtain rod can be re-purposed becoming the unique display of your pictures. The first step is by mounting the curtain rod against your bedroom wall and second, you can hang your pictures there. What an easy move!

6. Functional Palette


You can use a piece of a palette, repaint it and add the hooks. This will be rustic decor item to put vase, books, etc.

8. Classic Simple Sign

Source: http://i.ebayimg.comFarmhouse style also can be personalized, such as creating the simple sign of being hung in front of the bedroom’s door.

9. Fake Flower Box


This is a creative idea to be having beautiful flower box inside your home. Instead of having the real flower box, try creating the fake one to create the pretty illusion of the beauty of flowers. You can start this project by choosing wooden crate or box, furthermore, you should purchase the faux flowers and the mason jars. The last step is by putting the mason jars into the crate or box.

10. Wooden Headboard


This is the most precious thing to have in the farmhouse bedroom. You are forbidden to forget this charisma of wooden headboard. Once you have already had the headboard before, you can make it upholstered as the style that you desire, such as repaint it in bare wood, etc.

Lara Parker