Key Characteristics of Contemporary Small House

According to the architectural style, a contemporary small house is in a dynamic category. Contemporary home design states some changes in principles construction in case contemporary design combines the diverse principles of architecture and the building materials. Contemporary design has broken the dividers of each room to facilitate the family member to relax in and create more open space. On the other hand, traditional design always has barriers or dividers for every room.

But lately, the contemporary small house is getting popular and has numerous fans. So why do people love applying this design to their home?

10 Key Characteristics of Contemporary Small House

There are some main characteristics of contemporary design:

1. Asymmetrical Facades


Asymmetrical facades can be tricky to pull off but it will grab attention the most. Once you create it, you have to know the balance, such as understanding the weight, focus on color, etc. To seek the perfect color combination, you may see the color wheel, and then choose the colors for the outline.

2. Open Floor Plans


It means the architect must vanish the wall divider/ barrier to create larger space ambiance. For example, the kitchen area does not have wall divider but on the other hand, it provides Kitchen Island or a bar with the distinction to the dining room.

3. Strong Exteriors


There you will see the absence of any type of ornamentation. Some materials that are exposed to the exterior are bricks, stonework, and glass. You better choose the weather-resistant, such as stucco or aluminum/ steel.

4. Light-filled Interior


Contemporary design allows you to create a direct connection between interior and exterior. It creates natural light easily burst out into the room, so you are able to save energy.

5. Large Windows


Its functions are to brighten the interior and gives the surrounding view. Fresh and dry air and natural light will easily flood into your home. Although in raining, you will enjoy every drop of rain view and automatically it will boost the romantic nuance into the room.

6. Innovative and Variety Building Materials


This is why the contemporary design has a significant difference to the traditional ones. You and the architect can easily combine the materials around. There are numerous ready-to-install materials that will support your home.

7. Eco-Friendly


Most of the homeowners of contemporary houses are modern people. As long as the knowledge of eco-friendly stuff becomes wider, so they decide to put the eco-friendly stuff for their homes as well.

8. Multiple Outdoor Space


There is a real connection between large windows and multiple outdoor spaces, which is to allow you to enjoy the beauty of your garden and yard from inside.

9. Geometric Shaped Exteriors


The geometrically shaped exteriors will be enchanting and as a statement of your home. This geometric shape makes your home differs from others.

10. One or More Stories


It means, the design explores more architectural styles and characteristics as one due to in this contemporary design, you are allowed to be creative and combining everything, starting from the materials, the shapes, the style, colors, etc.

Lara Parker