Being Smaller is the Best Way of Making a Good Kitchen Design

Size is just a number. In term of interior design, it cannot totally function as a standard of luxury. Thus, if you only have limited space in house but still desiring to make a great kitchen design, don’t take any worries. Keep the small size as the supportive aspect.

10 Great and Elegant Looks of Small Kitchen

Having minimum space but also willing perfect room design is not a wrong way. This is just a matter of taste which can flexibly manage based on the need and situation. Pay attention to the following ideas if you want to make such a small yet elegant kitchen:

1. Tiny Chairs


Not all kitchens are completed with set of chairs around the table, but it will be a unique idea that you can try. Small white table in combination with tiny wooden chairs are perfect view to see every morning.

2. Half Shape


Kitchen is usually designed with a set of cabinet and rack, but it will also work to make it simple. Just a half long table in orange color at the corner is enough. Small kitchen design does not need complex stuffs anyway.

3. Kitchen Set


A long kitchen set patched at the wall is not enough sometimes to place many instruments that you have in your kitchen. Thus, if you have more budget, you can buy a single table with has similar color to the kitchen set.

4. Short Kitchen Set


If you feel that you don’t always cook with complex stuffs, then you will be enough with a minimalist kitchen set. It is too small to place a roaster or stove and wastafel.

5. Armless Chairs


Set a mini bar design at the kitchen needs more improvement. One of solutions to do is adding armless chairs beside of the small table. This can perfectly characterize the small kitchen design.

6. Unfamiliar Colors


Plain colors in this context does not mean creating a pale accent in your small kitchen. This means how to perfectly touch the wall with unfamiliar colors. But, the color combination is rarely found in most kitchen design, such as jade color.

7. Narrow Table


One way to minimize the kitchen design look is by placing a narrow table in front of a set of chairs. This narrow table mostly functions as the separation but still it has secondary use to place some fruits.

8. Wooden Material


Wooden material is not the characters of small kitchen, but it can identify how you manage your budget. As using wooden material sometimes takes less money, moreover it can create such a rustic accent in your minimalist kitchen.

9. Tiny Cabinet


If you prepare for minimalist kitchen, it means you have to be ready with a tiny cabinet to fulfill the kitchen. A tiny cabinet has been enough to make a food and to wash the dishes.

10. Piece of Calendar and Flower


You don’t always need to see the day whenever you come to the kitchen. But it will give such an artistic part in your kitchen if you patch a calendar at the wall. Then complete with a vase of flowers.

This is the end of the information. It is expected, you can practice on yourself after knowing this ideas.

Julia Robbins