Styling the Small Bedroom in the Best Small Home Design

Size does matter. In fact, this idiom also occurs on home decor. Most people search for best small home design to get inspirations for being applied in their real life. Since everyone desires to own a home to support sustainable living, here are some innovative ways to make your small home looks cute.

One part that has an important role to create a cute small home is the arrangement of the bedroom. Tiny bedroom won’t make you feel stifled once you make a creative and functional styling. Small home requires you to be innovative and creative in storage idea, including the bedroom. Bedroom can be a place to keep important stuff as well for some people, such as jewelry, letters, etc. The storage idea will save your bedroom from getting a mess.

10 Styling the Small Bedroom in the Best Small Home Design

Here are some solutions to design your own bedroom:

1. Customized Headboard


The curvy headboard is a great choice for a master bedroom. You can combine it with the built-in nightstands. By combining these two elements, you won’t need to add another table lamp.

2. Bold Colors


Bold colors work well for small rooms. You can opt the hot tropical colors for the fabrics that create a sensual mood.

3. Fake Bookshelves


To replace the wall paint, you can use the wallpaper that shows the illusion of bigger space, such as fake bookshelves, etc.

4. Fake Sunshine


If your room is windowless, then you can try to put on the wallpaper in sunshine colors and texture, and add mirrors. It will lighten your room and camouflage the fact that it is windowless and no sunlight directly comes it.

5. Camouflage Drawers


The small bedroom needs to be arranged in full creativity, including how and where to put the drawers. Customized drawers are clever solutions. You can try under bed drawer, etc.

6. Mount Lighting


To approach the lighting installment, you can try installing the lights on the headboard. Choose a similar texture, pattern, and color for both the headboard and light cover to make them look unit.

7. Mirrors


Mirrors are always significant for small place arrangement. It will go easier if you choose a vintage style for your small space. The combination of white fabric and closet mirrors will expand the sense of your room.

8. Upholstered Headboard


The upholstered headboard in gray linen will give extra shimmer around your room. The color should be dominated by white paint, white wood desk but give a little touch of warm color, such as blue sea on the wall.

9. Cozy and Luxurious


The small bedroom also can be arranged in luxury. The headboard in mohair velvet will embrace the coziness. Complete these cozy elements with printed curtains in deep warm color. You can choose something like deep purple, gold and black to enlighten its beauty. It is perfect for master bedroom indeed.

10. Curtains as Concealer


This time, the curtain is in charge to conceal everything behind the bed. You may put the bedside table and storage area behind your bed and it will make your space look crowded. It is the curtains are for. They keep your room neat and clear.

Lara Parker