This Year Trend of Luxury Contemporary Home

The year passed by, either the trend. This time, we will concern about the trend of luxury contemporary home. This year, as some experts say, the trend of home decor is about the clean slate.

10 Tren of Luxury Contemporary Home

If you need to give renovation to your home this year, so here are some trends that should be applied:

1. The Mixture of Neutral and Saturated Hues


Some hot colors that have been mentioned by the experts are the color of the environment, such as yellow-green shade. There is also the color of earthy, such as warm nude and hazelnut shade. For additional splashing colors, there are fiery orange and vivid jewel tone. From all the mentioned color shades above, the most grab-attention is greenery. Green shades offer beautiful contrast and refreshment to your whole interior. For people who love giving a little surprise into the interior can start playing the pop color for the ceiling.

2. The Mixed Metals


The popularity of mixed metals is coming for home decor. Let’s just mention chrome and brass, oil-rubbed bronze, polished nickel, and silver. These mixed metals create a significant impact on the industrial and minimalist design. Some of the ideas that can be applied in your personal home, such as metal vases, abstract pendants, etc. Furthermore, another idea is coming from the mixture of the same materials but have different finishes, such as metallic gold and matte gold for shelving.

3. The Dimensional Texture


The most popular designs around the world that can easily be mixed are industrial style, southwestern style, and Scandinavian style. For example, the natural wood frame sofa with linen and industrial metal coffee table with the textile of sheepskin accent. These style combinations create a big impact for the entire room.

4. The Natural Charm


For interior accents, the most popular materials of nature are terracotta and cork. Naturally, these two materials give warmth to your space. Specifically, terracotta brings the matte finish to rustic accent area. It can be applied on the accent wall, floor tiling, etc. While cork can be combined on the side of the coffee table.

5. Modern Minimalist


Stylish yet functional storage must continue its glory this year. Modern people need to optimize the storage system at home. Something like the inclusion of bed, bench, and desk. Some clever camouflage solutions also run important role here.

6. The High- Lacquered Wood


Modern people better choose lacquered wall rather than the shelving. The finished look of lacquered wood is polished and tailored.

7. The Art of the Furniture


Something unique can be created or combined as you like. For example, a unique bench is not only seen by its function as a place to sit but also as an art by its aesthetic side.

8. The Boutique Living


A home is not only about a place to take a rest after long hours in the office. You can create the vacation ambiance in your home by adding some worldliness furniture and accessories, such as by choosing the right bedding, art collections, books, etc.

9. Less Tiny Accessories


You don’t need buying tiny accessories for your home if you don’t have time to prepare nor clean them up.

10. High Glass Windows


This is one of the characteristics of modern homes, whether it is small or luxurious modern homes, they must have these high glass windows to make larger open space.

Lara Parker