Go Get Your Personal Sunny and Lively Spanish Tile Bathroom Ideas

The Spanish style always emphasizes the casual yet comfortable nuance. Some influencers of this style are the Mediterranian sea and the surrounding. Once you apply this style to your bathroom, you will get lively ambiance around.

The Spanish tile bathroom ideas are about the historical time period from certain countries; which are Turkey, Italy, and Greece. The elements of three countries create the refreshing combination of the elegant look. In the end, people from all around the world love to apply this style to their bathroom.

Spanish style is also well-known as Colonial Revival style. There is some elements combination in this Colonial Revival style, such as Moorish Revival, Spanish Colonial, and Baroque.

Go Get Your Personal Sunny and Lively Spanish Tile Bathroom Ideas

Besides its diversity, the Spanish style keeps its consistency to keep the elements versatile and attractive. It appears in the bright solid color in every material, including the tile bathroom.

Here are some Spanish tile bathroom ideas that will be your mood booster:

1. Color of Mediterranean

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The vibrant color of Mediterranean includes the color of sun, sea, and earth. This natural color combination automatically creates the Spanish color scheme, such as rusty red, deep orange, bright yellow and white, sparkling blue and turquoise.

2. Floor and Wall

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The iconic terracotta tile usually exists in traditional and modern houses. The color hues of this terracotta tile are about the rusty red and burnt orange. If you want to apply more traditional look, you should choose the square and straight set tiles.

3. Rustic Furniture

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The Spanish bathroom furniture is coming from the quality hardwoods and painted in bold and bright colors. This furniture has the function to bring in the scenery of Mediterranean.

4. Arched Doorways

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Another trademark of Spanish style is the curved and arched doorways and also the shower stall entrance. This trademark also comes from the history of Mediterranean region.

5. Bold Patterns and Textures

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The full-wall murals and mosaic-style backsplashes will give the seaside scenery and other natural interests. The stucco also becomes main texture into Spanish style.

6. Country Touch

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Mexican country has most effect and statement on the furniture, which is the traditional basin.

7. Romantic Touch

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Spanish style also contributes to the romantic look bathroom. It supports with behind-the-wall commode.

8. Neutral Backdrop

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The splashing and shiny tiles are in perfect appearance if it gets the neutral backdrop. The most wanted and popular backdrop is red accented one with colorful borders. In this style, you will never find the floor-to-ceiling tile. On the other side, the Spanish style prefers extending a foot above the sink.

9. Wrought Iron Accents

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The Spanish Colonial design becomes an inspiration for this style. This is strengthening the Spanish Colonial look to your bathroom.

10. The Handpainted Tile

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This handpainted tile should avoid the entire bathroom installation. Instead, it will be great as the border and in purposes of highlighting the architecture, such as in the arches, balcony, and staircases. There are some popular handpainted tiles that you can choose, they are floral pattern tile, five-pointed stars tile, and elaborate knots tile.

Lara Parker