Reasons to Love Retro Pink and Brown Bathroom Ideas

Color is a matter of personal choice, including the color of a bathroom. Remodeling the bathroom may play ducks with your saving. Instead of remodeling your bathroom as they are still in its function, it is more sensible for you to redecorate it. Do you ever recognize the 1940’s or 1950’s of American houses? Most of them have a pink bathroom, starting from the pink tubes to a pink toilet.

There are movements to save the pink bathroom in modern life although modern people intend to ignore or mention that pink bathroom is something tacky. But why don’t you look at the opposite? You may find something more modern and not-to-tacky, such as by adding the blue color as the color combination.

10 Reasons to Love Retro Pink and Brown Bathroom Ideas

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t regret the pink bathroom ideas:

1. Apply the Neutral Backdrop


Pink wouldn’t be too cheesy while you are combining the neutral color as the backdrop or the furniture. The stone-topped vanity also becomes undeniable option for your retro pink bathroom.

2. Update the Period Styling


Transform some period aesthetic to your bathroom to get the oldies beauty, such as telephone style mixer faucet and even the claw foot tub. By having them, you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore to your pink bathroom. To make a more modern look, opt the freestanding tub that is easy to paint while you need to repaint it later.

3. The Art Deco


This is a way to keep the bold style of 1930’s American houses. The art deco becomes the main key to the whole bathroom ambiance. It also fits the flat modern houses.

4. One Feature is enough


One pink feature is more than enough to create the blush in your bathroom. The wall paints and tiles have will showcase dominant accent so avoid choosing them in pink color. You better choose the warm neutral color as the combination, such as brass and gold accent.

5. Color Gradation


The matte tile also completes the non-tacky feel. Instead the matte and earthy color scheme, you also can choose the gold one to burst the elegant yet expensive ambiance.

6. Geometric Contrast


Some coordinate accessories will make your pink bathroom look more friendly and neutral, such as bathmat, towels, and others.

7. Vary the Pattern and Texture


This way works well for you who love one hue color. To avoid the monotonous look, try playing with textures and patterns. They bring differences as well.

8. Lead up the Bathroom Accessories


The best pairs for pink bathrooms must be pale pink boxes, towels and other small things in pale color. Other colors to complete the look are lavender and brown.

9. Look down the Flooring


The white backdrop with the pink vinyl floor will complete each other while you are looking down the flooring of your bathroom. The soft shade of tiles and gold cabinet knobs also bring the glamorous of 1950’s.

10. Patterns All the Way


Try applying the pattern tiles to create the different feel. This works best for dragging the contemporary nuance.

Lara Parker