Space- Saving Bathroom Towel Rack Decorating Ideas

The towel rack has a significant role in your bathroom arrangement. The bathroom towel rack decorating ideas will influence the entire look of your bathroom. One of the most popular and modern looks is the open storage. This open storage gives you smart storage solution to showcase your towel arrangement better. The open storage is a perfect choice for creating the casual and clean line. On the other hand, if you are planned to create the luxury hotel vibe, so you can opt for the fancy towel displays.

Space-Saving Bathroom Towel Rack Decorating Ideas

Here are some bathroom towel rack decorating ideas:

1. Door Mounted Towel Bars


This towel rack has the bars that are mounted on the door. So you can pick one bar that fits your bathroom style best. This alternative towel bar gives you the casual and cool appearance in your bathroom. Before installing the bars, try to measure the size of your door, whether you need to install two or three bars on a door.

2. Trio Ascending Basket


This towel basket is capable of saving more towels in a row. You can easily roll up the towels and put them according to the size; where the bigger towel should be put on the bigger basket, and the smallest towel should be put on the smallest basket. The color selection of towel will define your bathroom’s nuance.

3. Newsstand Style


This is a perfect towel and toiletries rack for a rustic and casual look. You can put it beside the bathtub to be easy-to-reach. Due to there are some different sizes of racks, you should define which one is suitable for each of it.

4. Woven Provincial Basket


This towel basket doesn’t need to be hung so you should put it on the floor. Make sure you make it away from the splashing water to keep them dry.

5. Above-the-Door Cubby


This is a kind of DIY project and perfectly fits your small bathroom. Once you have limited space in your bathroom, you need to build up innovative thing. Take a look at your bathroom’s door. You can build the cubby over there to keep your towels dry and safe.

6. Pantry Style Shelving


This shelving style is perfect for farmhouse bathroom. Install the open shelves on the wall near your bathtub, and put your towels up there together with the other accessories, such as flower vase or glass jars.

7. Bicycle Basket


If you don’t need to make it by yourself, then you can purchase the similar type of bicycle basket at the Store. Hung this rustic and classic towel holder on the bathroom wall.

8. Antique Rolling Table


This is pretty functional since you are able to put some item on it besides the towel for sure. For example, you can put the scented candles and flower vase on the rolling table and place it near the bathtub as long as you are relaxing there.

9. Repurposed Shelving Unit


Palette is the main material for creating this shelving unit. You just need to stand it up and create the dividers in the middle of the palette to put on the towels. Let the shelve be bare wood without additional colorful paint.

10. Folded Laundry Basket


If you love the modern and clean line, then this is your best choice.

Lara Parker