20+ How to Instantly Decide the Modern Living Room Decor

Do you like modern living room decor as your favorite home decor? Or do you prefer Scandinavian or rustic style? Whatever your choice is, try to combine the furniture with the art. Art is like a little cherry on a cake. The color always steals the attention. It happens the same thing to your living room, you have to consider which part or piece of art that represents your personality. There are no official rules about how to find a perfect home decor, so you have all responsibilities to choose.

20+ How to Instantly Decide the Modern Living Room Decor

At first, considering an art or a furniture for your living room rather takes more time. There must be certain questions, such as how do want it to feel? What effect do you want to be in there? How should the arrangement be?

Avoid wasting time, you better look for something you love, such as a photograph or a painting. This is the first stone or foundation for you before other collections coming through. By choosing this one, you can follow by finding the proper coffee table, flower vase, window blinds/ curtains, etc. And don’t you forget that a picture speaks lots of things. Once you choose the natural scenery, it spreads the calming aura around your living room. On the other hand, once you choose colorful painting, so you intend to make a cheerful gathering of your beloved friends.

Besides having one small piece of photograph or painting, you also can run for something big. It appears to make a big impact on the entire room of yours. Your wall will be the best display of your artwork, we can say above your sofa and the wall facing the entrance. After hanging an artwork, anything will follow, including the color scheme, and textured decorative objects. Another considering is you have to think practical. Every single furniture in your home must fulfill the principle of beautifully practical. There are plenty things to opt, namely the sculptural lamps, mirrors, etc.

So, here we go! Some kinds of stuff are waiting.

1. Modern Coastal Living Room

Source: img1.coastalliving.timeinc.net

2. Pop-Color Living Room

Source: fthmb.tqn.com

3. Airy Living Room

Source: cdn.trendir.com

4. Reading Spot

Source: i.pinimg.com

5. White Living Room

Source: http://luxurybusla.com

6. Silver Accents Decoration

Source: ganzeeshops.com

7. Painting on the Wall

Source: http://jobbind.com

8. Greenery on the Entrance

Source: http://img.fashionlib.net

9. Back to Back Sofa

Source: cdn.decorpad.com

10. Formal Sofa Arrangement

Source: http://homedecorgiftandmore.com

11. Rug Arrangement

Source: http://madebymood.com

12. Flower Arrangement

Source: http://bobmwc.com

13. Dynamic Blue Color Scheme

Source: fthmb.tqn.com

14. Baskets Decor Arrangement

Source: cdn.decoist.com

15. Modern Tile

Source: http://industrystandarddesign.com

16. Island Style

Source: luxdeco.com

17. Gold Accents

Source: cdn.freshome.com

18. Neutral Tone

Source: impressiveinteriordesign.com

19. Touch of Velvet

Source: staatsandco.com

20. Lavender Beauty

Source: http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Lara Parker