20 Rustic Home Kitchen to Bring Back the Childhood Memories

Rustic style enhances the rugged natural beauty and typically of a farmhouse. Furthermore, the rustic home kitchen makes you avoid using the modern elements and colors. It is not forbidden indeed but it will be perfectly fit to apply the wooden furniture and accessories instead of modern and clean furniture. You should not worry about the dirty kitchen or what so ever. As long as you can manage to keep it clean, rustic furniture also looks sparkling and interesting.

People love to choose to apply the rustic home kitchen usually because they need to adapt their hometown nuance into their home in a big city. By any means, it makes people feel like they are coming home back then. This ambiance is what people look for in the modern life. Every aspect of the rustic kitchen makes them coming back to their nostalgic moments. That is why the homeowners always hang the old pictures, old furniture, and old things that live in people’s childhood. Some people may believe that bringing their childhood things could bring back calm and relaxing ambiance inside. If you are eager to install this rustic kitchen in your home, ask your parents whether they still have an old dining table or wooden door by their old homes. Bring them to yours and arrange personally.

20 Rustic Home Kitchen to Bring Back the Childhood Memories

To keep up your idea about how precious the memory is, here are some inspirational rustic designs that you can see and select the closest to your desire. The natural kitchen always wins everybody’s heart.

1. Stucco and Cement Tile

Source: http://theloopdetroit.com

2. Steel Base Kitchen Island

Source: http://homededicated.com

3. Bluestone Table

Source: i.pinimg.com

4. Vintage Light Fixture

Source: http://pagesuche.info

5. Stained Brick Tiles

Source: http://lindstedt.info

6. Farmhouse-style Table

Source: alexisnicolewhite.com

7. Upholstered Chairs

Source: http://annml.com

8. Cast Iron Stove

Source: atticmag.com

9. Wooden Cabinetry

Source: http://designingidea.com

10. Ladder-Back Chairs

Source: canonburyantiques.com

11. Wide-Plank Wood Floor

Source: http://kinggeorgehomes.com

12. Marble-top Island Kitchen

Source: http://mandophoto.com

13. Brick-Clad Fireplace

Source: Pinterest.com

14. Open Shelving

Source: http://decoholic.org

15. Whimsical Chandelier

Source: http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com

16. French Lantern

Source: czmcam.org

17. Plank-top Table

Source: http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com

18. Vintage Barstool

Source: pampatiles.com

19. Backsplash Tile

Source: http://visitenglandtrends.com

20. Stair-back Chairs

Source: http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Lara Parker