21 Beach Home Decor and Exterior Characteristics for Maximum Impact

Most of the people love spending their holiday by visiting beaches. Beach home decor exist to realize people’s dream of living by the sea or even river. Whatever it is, the beach home decor comes to suit the needs for living at the edge of the water, whether it is sea, canal or river.

The arrangement of beach home plan must include the piers or pilings above the ground. This arrangement is to avoid the flood. This arrangement allows the water to pass underneath the home and leave no damage to the home entirely. Furthermore, the outdoor living space has a significant role to create the waterscape/ landscape better. The front yard arrangement and plants selection also gives you significant impact as well.

21 Beach Home Decor and Exterior Characteristics for Maximum Impact

Another arrangement is they have to have an open floor. The living areas are coming together. Besides to make a house looks larger, it also allows the breeze circulate freely. Similar to contemporary modern home, beach home also has large windows to maximize the shoreline view. This is why beach home decor is often applied in modern homes, even in big cities.

Talking about the materials, this beach home usually completes the beachside look by taking specialized materials and design elements that are related to the geographic factors, climates, etc. This could be more intricate if you want to build beach home in a different area than yours. On the contrary, once you decide to bring the beachside home without leaving your own town, then you shouldn’t have to deal with these specialized materials.

1. Small Coastal House

Source: http://cdn.houseplans.com

2. Cement Beach Cottage

Source: http://homeworlddesign.com

3. Vintage Beach Cottage

Source: creelio.com

4. Classic American Coastal House

Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

5. Mediterranean Beach House

Source: http://charvoo.com

6. A Beach Bungalow

Source: Pinterest.com

7. Dutch Colonial Beach House

Source: i.pinimg.com

8. West Coast Style

Source: homeandlivingdecor.com

9. Lowcountry River House

Source: img1.coastalliving.timeinc.net

10. Modern Beach House

Source: cdn.freshome.com

11. Urban Style

Source: homelottery.com.au

12. Stinson Beach House

Source: odis.homeaway.com

13. Waterfront Retreat House

Source: odis.homeaway.com

14. San Remo Beach House

Source: i2.au.reastatic.net

15. Rural Vineyard Beach House

Source: http://sunlakesrealty.us

16. Rockaway Beach House

Source: beachcombersnw.com

17. Lake Stone Beach House

Source: odis.homeaway.com

18. Hamptons Beach House

Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com

19. Asian Beach House

Source: st.hzcdn.com

20. Moroccan Beach House

Source: http://moroccanladies.com

21. Asian Pool Style

Source: farmandbeachhouses.com

Lara Parker