22 Mixed Up the Home Wall Wallpaper and Paint to Light Up Your Rooms

To create contract and interest in a certain room, we can start mixing home wall wallpaper and paint. The mixture of these both aspects will create beautiful contrast and effect. There are numerous options that you can reach by applying this thing, such as by creating a home wall wallpaper as a feature in the middle of the color paint, or anything else. To get a luxurious look in your home, you just need a small size of luxurious wallpaper and then blend it with paint. The pattern will complete the solid color of paint, this is what makes it exquisite.

22 Mixed Up the Home Wall Wallpaper and Paint to Light Up Your Rooms

Normally, people’s characteristics are varied. Numerous people love the bold and solid color but the others don’t. Some people prefer full of pattern wall while the others think it would be too much. It is undeniable that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or homeowners in this case. So, what about people who love half solid and half pattern? Is it possible to apply it? By writing this article, you must say yes louder than you wish you would. Combining two different patterns and colors keep your room in balance, or we should mention yin and yang aspect. Moreover, if you spare home with your spouse or roommates, keeping up with the favorite pattern and color of each of you wishfully brings so much peace since there won’t be argument or anger. All you need is a peaceful agreement from both sides.

There are numerous designs of wallpaper and paint mixed up around the world. Check these ones for your consideration:

1. Pop Color Paint VS. Bold Wallpaper

Source: http://e-partenaire.com

2. Light Color VS. Bold Pattern

Source: cdn.homedit.com

3. Subtle Color VS. Bold Pattern

Source: cdn.homedit.com

4. Wallpaper as Backdrop

Source: image.dhgate.com

5. Paint as Backdrop

Source: hips.hearstapps.com

6. Wallpaper Panels

Source: static1.squarespace.com

7. Yellow Paint and Wallpaper

Source: http://khosrowhassanzadeh.com

8. Ombre Wallpaper

Source: http://blog.laurelandwolf.com

9. Wallpaper Headboard

Source: http://russwittmann.com

10. Blue and Pink Wallpaper and Paint Idea

Source: cdn.decoist.com

11. Green and Pink Wallpaper and Paint Combination

Source: http://thaivillageaf.com

12. Handpainted Wallpaper

Source: static1.squarespace.com

13. Silk Wall-Covering

Source: http://khosrowhassanzadeh.com

14. Dark Flower Wallpaper and White Paint

Source: dhresource.com

15. Pastel Color

Source: assets.marthastewart.com

16. Map Wallpaper

Source: youramazingplaces.com

17. Lime Green Color Shade

Source: http://hsbstore.com

18. Fabric Wallpaper

Source: i.pinimg.com

19. English Country Style

Source: http://bibliafull.com

20. Cottage Style

Source: http://classicsbeauty.com

21. Warm Color Tone

Source: jacekpartyka.com

22. Summer Tone

Source: psicmuse.com

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