20 Home Interior Colors for Newlyweds First Home and Apartment

Before opting the home interior colors, you have to consider the basic color theory, which says some warm hues are essentials for certain painting tricks. They are oranges, reds, and yellows. Every application has a different finish, such as for getting a balanced feeling, you can paint the end wall, while for slender feeling, you can try applying by painting the side wall with an accent color. On the contrary, there are cool hues, such as greens, blues, and purples. This cool hue can be blended as bringing the contract to the warm hue.

20 Home Interior Colors for Newlyweds First Home and Apartment

Staying at your first home or apartment together must be a little bit tricky. Both of you must have a different personality, hobbies, and even favorite color. But don’t get it wrong, being married means you have to make all of those differences as one. We would like to advise you on something very near, such as your wedding ring. It can be your inspiration for home design and color. Although we could guarantee that a man could not see eye-to-eye to something like home decor, you have to ensure that both of you decide something together. In married life, compromise plays a pretty large role, don’t you think? As a woman, you may think to put something like feminine touches, such as pink pillows, ruffled curtains, etc. Don’t be such selfish, you cannot make your home being too feminine or masculine. Remember that marriage needs teamwork!

Here are some considerations for your first home decor as husband and wife:

1. Just find out both of your styles

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2. Take the inventory of what you already have

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3. Set up your budget

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4. Pick up the color palette

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5. Do window shopping

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6. Learn to compromise

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7. Keep your memories alive

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8. A bedroom is your focal point

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9. Hire a professional designer is better

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10. Spindle chair

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11. Mirrors/ mirrored furniture

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12. Attractive storage (not too feminine)

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13. No clutter

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14. Focus on your bed

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15. Shared your interests

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16. Saving space

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17. East wall for your wedding photographs

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18. Clear out the work-related things

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19. The bed should be wooden

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20. Daily fresh flowers

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