23 Farmhouse Home Décor Ideas to Get Personalized

Do you love something rugged and coming from wood and metal? Specifically, do you really love farmhouse home décor? These days, farmhouse decor is in high demand and big popularity around the world. We can easily find the rustic furniture or accessories in most home depots and even got them customized. But before you are going too far, you have to ask yourself deeper. Do you really love applying the rustic style in your home? Do you really intend to remodel your home and are your savings safe? Every consideration of starting to remodel need to be thought. You don’t want to just follow the trend and later regret it, right?

23 Farmhouse Home Décor Ideas to Get Personalized

Besides considering your feeling, you also should consider your home physically. Does it have enough space to put a large wooden table? Does it really fit your entire home characteristic? Does it have space enough to bring in all the rustic items? Does this trend last longer? Are you sure not regret it someday? Once you are hesitant answering those considerations, then you must think it twice and third because remodeling a home means make it personalized and fit your own feeling (in positive vibes). On the contrary, if this rustic style owns your heart so strong and you cannot deny it, perhaps you should go for it. Every furniture and decor of a farmhouse is able to be done by yourselves as long as you know what to do and your purposes.

As to make it clear, here are some materials for rustic home decor:

1. Personalized Name Sign

Source: cdn.shopify.com

2. Tray Decor

Source: homebnc.com

3. Picture Frame

Source: cityofgilbertiowa.com

4. Tiny DIY Decor

Source: i1.wp.com

5. Rustic Mirror

Source: twelveoeightblog.com

6. Repurpose Windows and Doors

Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com

7. A Palette DIY

Source: cdn.diys.com

8. DIY Bicycle Basket

Source: cdn.shopify.com

9. Personalized Signs

Source: i.ytimg.com

10. Faux Clock

Source: nazraney.com

11. Faux Flower Box

Source: http://s3.weddbook.com

12. Love Word Sign

Source: http://danielederossi.info

13. DIY Lighting

Source: fabrizioristorante.com

14. Barn Doors

Source: http://idolza.com

15. Royal Rustic Bed

Source: iss.zillowstatic.com

16. Ladder’s Picture Frame

Source: http://youngerthanrock.com

17. Midnight Lantern

Source: homebnc.com

18. Bed and Breakfast Abode

Source: http://animalfactsblog.com

19. Plank and Ladder Shelves

Source: gardentrading.co.uk

20. Petite Milk Jug

Source: maisonbyemmajane.co.uk

21. Gentleman Bedroom’s Style

Source: http://odcproducts.com

22. Wooden Board Shelves

Source: projectgalleryla.com

23. Ladder’s Bathroom Bar

Source: avso.org

Lara Parker