10 Secrets to Decorate a Home in Modern French Home Décor

Paris always brings a good idea for a mode. Once Paris offers the impeccable interiors, the world accepts and races to apply it to their home decor. Not to mention the vintage French home decor, the modern one is also interesting and catching so much attention. There are various items that are very French, which describes the chic, sophisticated yet dramatic ambiance, such as the drapery, crystal chandeliers, etc.

10 Secrets to Decorate a Home in Modern French Home Décor

Even though the modern French home decor minimizes the Regency items but somehow there are still lots of classic furniture in it. Modern French still adopts classic French style to liven up the reading area where there are various books to read. The differences are about the bold characters and details since the modern one avoids to look overfurnished.

1. Cubism Details

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Cubism is one of the most popular and influential art movement and gives significant impact to the whole aspect of art, including home designing. The characteristics of cubism details are abstract lines and cool colors. It is agreeable that it entertains the eyes, especially for young and creative people.

2. Patterned Ceramic Tiles

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People prefer choosing these tiles due to its shininess, color, shading, and so on and on. Besides its beauty, ceramic tile choice is about its durability and waterproof. Naturally, they are resistant to the high humidity conditions.

3. High Ceilings

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The high ceiling is usually applied in the European houses, together with the intricate designs. Recently, it has been spread up and applied in most of the houses in the entire world. People are able to heat and cool easier. The high ceiling offers the variety home decor ideas and opens up the room as well.

4. Chic Chandelier

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A modern yet chic chandelier is made to impress people around. In the medieval era, a chandelier was used as a symbol of wealth, besides to illuminate the room. As time goes by, every period has different purposes and design.

5. Gilded Frames

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This is such a trend back then for showing up their wealth. The gilded items have been used as an artwork for thousands of years. And it still works for today’s style.

6. A Subdued Palette

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This is a characteristic of old period decor. You can combine it with your modern furniture as it covers the items better.

7. Monochrome Scheme Combine with Metallic Touch

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Visual is one of the most important sense of human. By looking at the color scheme, people are able to mention the characteristic of a thing.

8. Silk Drapes

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Silk is known as the most luxurious, absorbent and comfortable fabric. It is also available in various colors and usually used for drapes and formal dressing. But you should not go wrong since there are some types of silk. The most suitable type of silk is 100% natural silk.

9. Chalky Green Paint

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The green paint is typically about the natural refreshment. The Parisian home decor is always related to nature, such as garden, etc.

10. A Bouquet of Flowers

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It is similar to what I mentioned above, the Parisian home decor is all about the color and scene of nature.

Lara Parker