21 Important Elements to Get the French Country Bedroom Design

Once you imagine the French countryside, I’m sure it is about the bright sunshine and magnificent lavender fields. The decorating style of French country bedroom shows the old-world and welcoming look, and it is applicable to your entire home design. The dynamic yet elegant look fits to recently home decor as well. French country bedroom should represent the color of French, such as fiery red, soft ocean blue, sunshine yellow, grass green, soft gold, cobalt blue and dark green.

Besides the must-have-color spectrum, the accessories also need certain punctuations, such as dull grays or bright black. The types of accessory pieces are arranging from the metal furniture to metal lighting fixtures. Every French design has to have texture and color contrast, for both the color spectrum and furniture.

21 Important Elements to Get the French Country Bedroom Design

Furthermore, the natural materials also become the main point of getting this French design. The painted plaster wall or even rough stained are easily seen in every country home. Most of the furniture and accessories are slicked up with carved wood details. A stone fireplace is a must for French home design. So, this is the first thing you have to consider better than any other things.

1. Curved Panels

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2. Hand-Carved Decorations

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3. Raw Wood Ceiling Beams

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4. Irregular Plaster Wall

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5. Stone Walls and Floors

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6. Rectangular or Round Dining Table

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7. Curved and Carved Dining Chairs

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8. Ladder-back Style Chairs

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9. Growing Vines Doorways

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10. Toile

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11. Basket Woven

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12. Wire Basket

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13. Chinoiserie Pottery

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14. Natural Grasses Accessories

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15. Clear Glass Vases

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16. Colorful Ceramics

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17. Copper Pot

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18. Window Flower Boxes

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19. Traditional French Motifs

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20. Stone Fireplace

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21. Herbs Pots

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Lara Parker