21 Top English Country Home Décor for Casual and Formal Look

English country home décor supports the owner’s relationship with nature. The traditional English country home is about the massive gardens and manicured grounds. They often emphasize the warmth and a love for both family and everyone who come over. Whatever its size, whether a small cottage or estate, it has a main focus to its function better than decorative aspects.

All of the colors of English country home decor are resemblance the color of nature, such as green, pink and yellow of the roses. Englishmen love floral and they bring it to their homes, for example for the beddings, curtains, wallpaper, and cushions. The color and pattern blend there gives the lively and inviting feel. For the kitchen decoration, English country home usually put on the white cabinets and add the color to the countertops and accessories. Besides loving the garden or natural things, Englishmen adore books so much. There is no reason that no English country home doesn’t have shelve books. Even now, modern Englishmen keep reading while raining outside, as we all know that England has a bunch of rains. Another Englishmen habit that is popular and prevails up to now is a tea time. So, you need to set up the cozy seating for this tradition.

21 Top English Country Home Décor for Casual and Formal Look

Here are some English country home decors to follow:

1. Reading Corner

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2. Cozy Chesterfields and Overstuffed Armchairs

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3. Potted Plants, Chinoiserie Vases

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4. The Muted Colors

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5. Floral Patterns

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6. Linear Textiles

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7. Country-Chic Kitchen

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8. Farmhouse Table

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9. Three or Four Color Patterns

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10. The mix of Large and Small Prints

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11. Display Racks

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12. Wainscoting

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13. Wood Floor

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14. Floral Pattern Curtain

Source: stevewilliamskitchens.co.uk

15. Hat Rack

Source: castinstyle.co.uk

16. Pine Chest

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17. Slipcovers for Sofa and Chairs

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18. White Kitchen Cabinets

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19. Central Fireplace

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20. Abundant Garden

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21. Queen Anne and Victorian Style Furniture

Source: straightawaydesign.com

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