23 Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Home Décor

Most people are getting wrong about both modern and contemporary home decor. They think both of them are similar. In fact, they are totally different. Historically, modern design was coming from a period of time, which is 1920’s – 1950’s. This modern style never changes. Every single line and cutting is similar and remains such forever. Besides, the contemporary design keeps changing. Contemporary design refers to recent time, which is at the very moment. The contemporary home decor is such a living entity that always develops, grows and changes.

23 Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Home Décor

The name of modern refers to “mid-century modern” and the characteristics are what we understand recently, such as clean line and simple architectural design. The most popular furniture materials come from polished metal, wood, teak, leather, and linen. The airy feeling always becomes the main characteristic of modern design. It becomes the signature of contemporary design since it refers to the existing and living. Contemporary design is related to something popular right now. Sometimes the contemporary design is very eclectic because it comes from different areas and cultures. The main characteristics of contemporary home design are the odd shapes, large windows, and the open plan.

The confusion between modern and contemporary home decor happens because there are lots of materials that are used and mixed so everything runs blurry.

To find out the differences, here are some tips:

1. Little Ornamentation

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2. Clean Lines

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3. Linear Masses

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4. Large Glass Expansion

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5. Interesting Roof Lines

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6. Open Floor Plans

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7. Expansive Interiors

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8. Reliance on Technology

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9. Integration of Interior and Exterior

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10. Energy-Efficiency

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11. Eco-Friendly Materials

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12. Flexible Lay Out

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13. Clerestory Windows

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14. Irregular Facade

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15. Geometric Shapes

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16. Cutting-Edge Technology

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17. Eye-Catching Lighting Fixture

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18. Curved Lines

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19. Animated Architecture

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20. Outdoor Lighting

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21. Minimalist Garden

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22. Cute Balcony

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23. Unique Stairs

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Lara Parker