23 Popular White Wall Living Room Lights for Modern People

Wall lighting brings such beauty and function in your home. Modern people tend to love something practical and have clean line better than such engraved and complicated lines. Different moods also come from different light conditions. White wall living room lights sometimes run an afterthought.

23 Popular White Wall Living Room Lights for Modern People

Something that is popular in modern life is vertical washes. It creates beautiful light backward. This wall mounted light appears in two directions, whether it is upwards and downwards or right and left. This light is able to bounce to the ceiling and it beautifies the look of your room. Once you need to give a little bit traditional look, lanterns should be a good choice. The lanterns are able to create the glamorous sparkle in your home. The lamps also can give this effect. What about combining these two effects? That must look brilliant as long as you know where to install them to get an optimum impact. Install them in a row will help you finding the most beautiful scenery inside your home. Even more, if you have painting in your living room, you can install the lantern to light it up. For flexibility, you better go for the lantern or lamp that is fixed to the wall. It will save more space than those that are mounted on a desk.


1. Vertical Washes

Source: lightology.com

2. Lanterns

Source: beeyoutifullife.com

3. Lamps

Source: http://residencestyle.com

4. Single Light Box

Source: Pinterest.com

5. Spot Lighting

Source: http://ddgrafx.com

6. Invisible Wash

Source: img.newatlas.com

7. Pendant Light

Source: http://fendhome.com

8. Wall Sconce

Source: http://cesco.info

9. Valance Lighting

Source: http://mommyessence.com

10. Track Lighting

Source: http://irastar.com

11. Chandelier

Source: http://gooosen.com

12. Ceiling Light

Source: luxmagz.com

13. Recessed Light

Source: i.pinimg.com

14. Under Cabinet Light

Source: http://reconciliasian.com

15. Wall Grazers

Source: bblightinginc.com

16. Table Lamp

Source: http://innardsinterior.com

17. Desk Lamp

Source: http://sobear.me

18. Floor Lamp

Source: sorrentosbistrohome.com

19. Recessed Floor Light

Source: ideasonthemove.com

20. Drop Ceiling Lights

Source: http://avivancos.com

Lara Parker