10 Ways to Remodel Rustic Country Kitchen with Modern Touches

While you are watching a cooking show, you must amaze in the kitchen the chef uses. A professional cook must be supported by innovative kitchen decoration, which is the mixture of rustic country kitchen and modern touches. The combination of both rustic and modern extends the timeless classic that everyone can enjoy.

A rustic country kitchen that fits 2018 home design should emerge the fresh modern furniture. Besides mentioning the furniture, the focus color also should be considered first. The right choice of color offers a more spacious look and it works best in the brighter colors. Remember to liven up your tile or wallpaper, cabinets, and other appliances. There is the 2018 trend of color palette that you can apply for your kitchen as well, which are playful pastels, nature-inspired shades and also bold colors.

10 Ways to Remodel Rustic Country Kitchen with Modern Touches

Another thing to add the modern touch is by using the pattern. You better avoid all the plaid blankets, the other way choose the farm animal prints, florals, and stripes against the rustic wooden backdrop. There are various items that you can put on your kitchens, such as oven gloves and mugs and the patterned tea towel. To bring the cohesive scheme in there, put the choices of cookware and tableware on the display.

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There is no perfect home decor indeed. Once you are brave enough to do the mix and match, then it becomes more beautiful and homelier. You can try combining every item you already have, such as the decorative pieces, mismatched furniture, kitchen accessories, etc.

The scent of natural flowers is just as important to grow the homely feeling inside your kitchen. We are not talking only about the flowers but also other good scents, such as the baking scents, the scented candles, and the scent of cooking. All things that are invincible but put significant roles in your home. This homely scent also works for your entire home.

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For completing your rustic yet modern look kitchen, you must consider installing the handmade elements. Don’t be afraid applying new styles that are unavailable in the home magazines. Try to make it personalized for your own personal interest and characteristics. For instance, take something as the statement centerpiece. It is not about something new and expensive, all you need is something authentic and honest. While choosing the shelving thing. The open shelving must be the first choice but it should be in an artistic appearance, such as by decanting sugar, tea, olive oil into unique or beautiful ceramic pots or glass jars. For the table, you can choose something with metallic or marble tabletop and complete the look by putting the hedgerow greenery or even the dried seed heads.

So, note these following items that you should take in the kitchen:

  1. Semi-Original Farmhouse Style
  2. The Tiled Wall
  3. Copper Cookware
  4. Eat-In Kitchen
  5. Kitchen Workspace
  6. Decorative Plates on the Wall
  7. Flowers and Tile
  8. The Kitchen Sink and Open Shelving
  9. Enameled Metal Canisters
  10. Modern Den Decorated with Rustic Details

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